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How Much Do Coworking Spaces Truly Cost?

Finding a coworking space that fits in your budget can be tricky as these firms are vague about their pricing, but there are still ways to use coworking cost effectively.

Using Technology To Create An Efficient Coworking Space

Implementing the right technology in a coworking space can make or break a company, so firms should include security cameras, communication and event management tools.

How To Implement A Flexible Work Plan

The coronavirus outbreak has led many companies to operate remotely, but having an emergency flexible work plan in place can come in handy under various circumstances.

Downtown Chicago’s Coworking Market Continues To Grow

A report from Newmark Knight Frank predicts that coworking will grow to reach 9 million square feet in Downtown Chicago in 2023, nearly tripling its footprint from 2019.

Workplace Design Is Essential For A Successful Business

Workplace designers are renewing their focus to ensure that workspaces support cognitive and neurodiversity, mental and physical well-being and become more user-centric.

Coworking Is Here To Stay

Demand for flexibility has solidified coworking spaces as a mainstay work option due to the growth of niche spaces, landlord-owned coworking brands and corporate users.

Flexible Working Is The Secret Tool In Combating Climate Change

The Suburban Economic Study commissioned by Regus has found that flexible offices are not only financially beneficial, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

How To Support The Wellbeing Of Workers

It is imperative for companies today to provide a work environment that ensures their workers are happy and healthy in order to prevent burnout and boost productivity.

Why The Traditional Coworking Model No Longer Cuts It

As coworking operators continue to try to rebrand themselves as trustworthy and sustainable, some companies might need to rethink their shaky lease-and-re-lease model.

The Challenges Coworking Operators May Face

Today’s growing coworking industry has a promising future, but operators need to be prepared to face challenges involving security risks and increased competition.

HR’s Vital Role In The Future Of The Workplace

Today’s HR leaders are faced with the task of building meaningful relationships with workers, while incorporating technology to create the best employee experience.

Lifestyle Firm Sets Itself Apart From Other Coworking Companies

New York-based NeueHouse, a lifestyle company that combines both hospitality and coworking, is working at its own pace for expansion in order to perfect its services.



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