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Ucommune Formally Walks Away From IPO

Chinese coworking firm Ucommune has withdrawn its planned initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange and will move forward as part of a newly merged company.

Korea’s Flexible Office Market Is Flourishing

According to research from CBRE, Korea’s flexible office market has seen an uptick in inquiries from corporations for short-term office space as a result of the pandemic.

Facebook Extends Remote Working Until Summer 2021

Facebook has joined Google in announcing that it will be extending its voluntary work from home policy until July 2021 and offer a stipend for home office supplies.

Minimizing The Health Risks Of A Sedentary Job

As workers continue to work from their couches or kitchen counters, the health risks that come with a sedentary job such as neck pain and eye strain can become a problem.

Adapting To The Future Of Work

Companies that have struggled to transition to remote working arrangements need to ensure that both employers and employees are equipped with the proper technology.

The Coworking Industry Is Struggling

As companies adopt remote working now and potentially in the future, the biggest names in the flexible workspace industry are struggling to maintain their customer base.

Coworking Aims To Revitalize Rural Areas

In rural cities across the US, the entrepreneurial and small business community struggle to stay afloat due to a lack of resources, but coworking could change that.

What Does The New Normal Of Work Mean?

Discussions about the future of work have predicted that it would be a more flexible era, but no one could have anticipated how quickly the new normal would be a reality.

Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Over the past few months, companies have had the chance to settle into operating with a remote workforce and skeptics are realizing the benefits of this arrangement.

Report Predicts Promising Future For Coworking

Despite the turbulent few months the coworking industry has undergone, a Cuhman & Wakefield report finds that operators may come out on top if they prepare accordingly.

How Architecture And Design Are Intertwined

Those in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry have started using new technological advancements to solve issues companies are currently facing.

What To Expect From The New Normal Of Work

Companies are transitioning to a new, permanent way of working, and with this includes a change in work styles, technology integration and how a business operates.



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