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Companies Must Offer Remote Working To Retain Talent

Knowledge workers who conduct most of their work on computers are largely in favor of leaving their jobs in favor of a company that offers remote working options.

Flexible Offices Could Add Over $254 Billion To Local Economies

A study conducted by Regus has found that flexible workspaces migrating towards secondary cities could add over $254 billion to local economies over the next decade.

Which Washington D.C. Coworking Space Is Your Best Fit?

Washington D.C. offers a huge variety of coworking spaces that meet the needs and wants of professionals, such as free-flowing coffee, community-curated events and more.

Singapore Workspace Solution Firm Locks In $12 Million Funding

Smarten Spaces, a company that helps owners properly manage their spaces through smart building technology, has received $12 million in a Series A investment round.

How Operators Can Keep Their Staff And Occupants Safe

Coworking spaces with workers from various companies and free-flowing alcohol face possible unwanted behavior, so firms must establish a code of conduct to reduce risks.

Flex Spaces In UK Suburbs To Add Billions To Local Economies

A study from economists at Development Economics found that flexible workspaces in UK’s outskirt cities could add over £12 billion to local economies in the next decade.

Uniting The Multigenerational Workforce

A multigenerational workforce is vital to any successful company, and managers must ensure that each generation has the tools and skills to adapt to the future of work.

Coworking Cafes In Canada Cater To Working Moms

Coworking cafes are an already popular work option for several professionals, but now some niche spaces are offering childcare services in order to cater to working moms.

Manhattan’s Standout Flexible Office Brands

Flexible offices have taken the commercial real estate world by storm, and the Manhattan market is riddled with some of the most prestigious flex space brands out there.

How Employers Can Help Workers Adapt To The Future Of Work

Industries from all corners of the workforce move towards automation, so it is vital for employers to offer employee benefits in order to keep them engaged and satisfied.

Office Lifestyle Amenities Are Fueling Competition For Talent

Office building developers across Texas’ largest markets are finding that including lifestyle-focused amenities in vibrant neighborhoods are boosting tenant retention.

The Continuous Evolution Of The Coworking Industry

As coworking becomes more adopted by the mainstream, the industry is undergoing several transformations in order for operators to stand apart from growing competition.



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