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Hotel coworking spaces are the peak of hospitality

Hotels are joining in on the coworking trend by including flexible workplace solutions within their locations to cater to younger generations and digital nomads.

How coworking can help working parents

As the coworking space market grows rapidly, more offices are offering varying amenities, such as on-site childcare services that take care of kids for working parents.

Spaces expands in the land down under

Coworking firm Spaces is taking over 7,000 square meters of space in Victoria, its fourth location in the state, as it continues expanding in Australia.

Knotel continues its international expansion

Coworking operator Knotel has acquired Deskeo, France’s biggest flexible space firm, and Ahoy! Berlin in its conquest of the international market.

Can technology be the key to understanding human needs?

While artificial intelligence has no plans to take over human jobs, technological advancements can work in tandem with people to provide efficient and accurate services.

Coworking Etiquette 101

Although coworking spaces have a relaxed reputation, it is still important for members to treat the space with professionalism in order to have a fulfilling work day.

What role does coworking play in asset valuation?

Investors may be concerned about buying buildings with flexible offices, but a CBRE study found these buildings sell for more or the same as properties without them.

Culture is the key to a digital workplace

Workplace culture is essential to any business looking to undergo a digital transformation, and establishing culture starts with engaging employees every step of the way.

The continuing story of WeWork

The We Company investors are raising their eyebrows as CEO Adam Neumann continues to personally buy buildings intended to be leased out to WeWork.

WeWork continues its conquest of Manhattan

HQ by WeWork, its branch that caters to mid-sized businesses, has signed four leases in Manhattan that total around 110,000 square feet of office space.

Mutual aid workspace hopes to bring the neighborhood together

Madison, Wisconsin’s Social Justice Center is being renovated into a mutual aid workspace, managed by Mutual Aid Network, to further connect the town’s community.

Deloitte will be the only tenant at Spaces Granville

Deloitte will be the only tenant at the new Spaces Granville location in hopes that more enterprises will seek out the benefits of coworking spaces and flexible offices.



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