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The Benefits Of A “Choice First” Workplace

Many companies are turning to a hybrid model to meld both in-office and remote arrangements, but leaders need to make sure that employees get to choose how they work.

San Francisco’s Office Market Could Continue To Plummet

According to Green Street, San Francisco is anticipated to have the worst performing office market in the U.S. this year as technology companies embrace remote working.

Remote Working Is Having A Physical and Mental Impact

Research has found that inadequate remote working arrangements and home offices are having a negative impact on both the physical and mental health of employees.

Decreasing The Risk Of Workplace Burnout

Remote working has its perks, but it has also led to record level burnout among workers, so having policies in place to address this issue will be crucial to businesses.

How To Transition To Flexible Work Strategies

The traditional office is a relic of the past, and leaders need to find ways to accommodate the evolving needs of workers to include flexible offices and remote policies.

WeWork Will Close More D.C. Locations

WeWork revealed it will close four D.C. area locations next month, just a few months after it closed three spaces in the area to better pave the way for profitability.

Why Hybrid Working And The Employee Experience Are Needed

Companies have turned to a hybrid concept that adopts both in-office and remote working, but the arrangement needs to emphasize the employee experience to be successful.

Remote Working Will Continue To Evolve In 2021

Although many workers have become adjusted to their new remote working arrangements, companies still need to make improvements to optimize this fairly new policy.

How Coworking Is Adjusting To The New Normal

Although the pandemic was once a death sentence for the blossoming coworking industry, operators are finding new ways to bounce back and boost their memberships.

How to Nurture Mental Health In The Workplace

Poor mental health among employees has skyrocketed over the past year, and it is time for business leaders to implement policies that support workers who are struggling.

Technology’s Impact On The Post-pandemic Workplace

The workplace has changed for good, and with this, companies should continue to adapt and evolve to the new needs of customers and employees through advanced technology.

Flexible Work Policies Will Boost More Than The Suburbs

Many companies expect the suburbs to see the largest migration in the coming years, but it’s actually the Sun Belt and Mountain West submarkets that will see a boost.



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