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Coworking Is Becoming The Top Choice For Workers

Coworking spaces are seeing major demand from professionals as today’s workforce looks for a work environment that is flexible, productive, collaborative and inspiring.

HR’s Role In Preparing For The Future Of Work

Today’s employees expect much more from their jobs, so it is up to HR leaders to keep up with workplace trends in order to stay competitive in this evolving workforce.

Niche Coworking Is The Key To Success

As the coworking industry continues to evolve, operators are providing niche offerings to cater to specific audiences, such as working parents and female professionals.

Remote Working Has Officially Become The Norm

Research has found that the workforce views remote working as the norm, but some employees that have this option cannot fully utilize it due to a lack of resources.

Making The Most Out Of Your Coworking Experience

Coworking spaces are incredibly versatile, but in order to use a space to its full potential, identify and understand what best suits your work and personal needs.

How WeWork’s Rivals Are Setting Themselves Apart

After the massive failure that was WeWork’s IPO, many other flexible office operators are finding ways to distinguish themselves as stable companies within the industry.

The Top Flexible Workspace Trends For The UAE

Flexible workspace firm Regus anticipates flexibility to continue growing in the UAE as more companies work to meet the increased demand from the incoming workforce.

Flexible Working Is Helping Create Jobs In Africa

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is playing a big role in Africa thanks to technological advancements and the inclusion of flexible work options across the continent.

Why Haven’t More Companies Adopted Flexibility?

It would be assumed that the majority of companies would offer a flexible work option for all employees by 2020, but many managers are still hesitant to take the plunge.

New Coworking Space To Open In Tucson

The Post Workspaces is opening a new coworking facility in Tucson in March, where it will take up 8,500 square feet and offer fiber internet, private offices and more.

How To Implement An Effective Open Office

Open plan offices have become popular over the past few years, but business owners need a balance of privacy and collaboration to ensure their workers are productive.

WeWork Sells Off More Of Its Acquisitions And Stakes

WeWork has sold off software firm Teem and divested its stake in women-focused coworking company The Wing as it works to recoup its losses and focus on its core business.



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