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What To Expect From Workplaces In 2020

As we approach the start of a new decade, workplaces are expected to continue evolving in terms of flexible offerings, mental health support and valuing focused workers.

WeWork’s Acquisitions Are Being Kicked To The Curb

As WeWork attempts to recover from its failed, tumultuous initial public offering, several of the startups it acquired in the past few years are on the chopping block.

UK Mothers Want Flexible Work Options

New research from Now: Pensions, which surveyed over 2,000 UK mothers, found that 74% of mothers believe their employers should offer more flexible working options.

Coworking Will Have A Permanent Impact On Offices

Although the coworking industry has seen some backlash in recent months, the office market will undoubtedly be forever changed by the offerings seen at these workspaces.

WeWork To Layoff Over 900 New York Staffers

In a new filing, coworking firm WeWork specified that 911 of its New York employees will lose their jobs after revealing it would layoff 2,400 across the entire company.

How Organizations Can Retain Their Top Talent

Companies have long struggled with losing top talent, so in order to retain workers, they must be more aware of their communication, relationships and work environment.

Ucommune Moves Forward With U.S. IPO

Shared workspace firm Ucommune has filed to raise millions in an IPO, along with several other companies from China who are aiming to open a channel of offshore capital.

Millennial Parents Are Shifting Workplace Policies

Millennial parents have become a significant portion of the workforce, and they expect a set of work policies that support a work-life balance, adequate pay and more.

Keeping Workers Connected In The Age Of Isolation

As technology continues to play a huge role in the workplace, it is important for organizations to find ways to keep their workers engaged, productive and communicating.

What To Expect From The Future Of Work In 2020

Many work trends that have already made an impact will continue to make waves in 2020 and beyond, such as workplace transparency, forgoing hierarchical roles and more.

SoftBank’s Creates Hypothetical WeWork Plot

SoftBank published a deck of its investment holdings last month, where it appeared that they attempted to build a hypothetical narrative on what is happening at WeWork.

Newable And Serendipity Labs Team Up

Hospitality-driven shared workspace provider Serendipity Labs and Newable have partnered up to open 25 upscale workplaces for larger businesses across the UK.



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