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How COVID-19 Will Impact The Future Of Flexible Work Options

Coworking operators worldwide are facing their biggest challenge yet, but the benefits of these flexible spaces are expected to echo long after the pandemic has ended.

Only Half Of Workspace Group Customers Paid Rent Last Month

Workspace Group has announced that while only half of their customers paid rent at the end of March, it has enough capital to help them through the coronavirus lockdowns.

Offices Will Be Reevaluated After The Pandemic Is Over

Once the pandemic has ended, business leaders are expected to reevaluate their traditional office model and how a flexible option could benefit them in the long run.

Prioritizing Mental Health In The Workplace While Isolating

There is a potential for mental health problems to increase as people adjust to being isolated, so it is up to companies to ensure their employees are mentally healthy.

Coworking Spaces Adjusting Their Operations In Wake Of COVID-19

Coworking spaces are adjusting their operations to abide by current social distancing guidelines through offering private office space, canceling rental fees and more.

The New Normal For The Modern Workplace

The future of the workplace has become a reality quicker than experts could have predicted with the inclusion of technology, remote working, the gig economy and more.

Serviced Offices See Surge While Coworking Struggles

As some workers struggle to transition to working from home due to various distractions, services office companies in Australia have reported a huge surge in demand.

Creating A Safe Coworking Space That Prioritizes Wellness

After the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down, coworking spaces need to take the steps to ensure that their employees and members feel safe within their facilities.

WeWork Is Suing SoftBank Over Breach Of Contract

After SoftBank announced it wouldn’t complete its $3 billion tender offer to purchase back WeWork shares, the coworking firm revealed it is suing its largest shareholder.

The Keys To Transitioning Into The Virtual Workforce

People everywhere have joined the virtual workforce and it is vital for these workers to use the right technology, establish a routine and meet their own social needs.

How Culture Can Impact Fast-growing Startups

In a world where “us” versus “them” is all too common, startups that do not focus on a healthy workplace culture can quickly turn into the “them” of their industry.

Experts Believe Flexible Workspace Demand Will Withstand COVID-19

The coronavirus will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the flexible office industry for now, but industry experts believe that demand will thrive beyond this crisis.



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