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Analysts Anticipate A Grim Future For Real Estate

All sectors of the real estate industry have taken a big hit over the past few months, particularly coworking firms who could look into giving space back to landlords.

Competition Between Video Conferencing Resources Has Exploded

Zoom’s massive rise in popularity has kicked off tight competition between companies like Microsoft and Cisco that offer their own video conferencing resources.

How Businesses Can Plan Workspaces In The Long-term

Business leaders should think about the reconfiguration of their workspaces in the long-term in order to better support employees, adopt new work arrangements and more.

Furniture Subscription Firm Sees Boost In Home Office Orders

Fernish, a subscription furniture firm, closed on $15 million in funding despite the economic downturn and has seen a massive increase in sales from home office orders.

The Riveter To Close All Of Its Locations

The Riveter, female-oriented coworking company, has revealed it will be closing all of its workspace facilities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Are Offices Necessary Moving Forward?

While some companies are laying out plans to welcome workers back into the office, they should evaluate whether the physical workspace is necessary for them at all.

Implementing Wellness Into Your Remote Workforce

Business leaders need to prioritize wellness practices, particularly if their workforce is distributed, by encouraging an active lifestyle, routines, self-care and more.

Coworking Firms Find Opportunity Amidst Decreased Demand

Coworking operators in India have been finding new ways to bring in revenue as several have had their occupancy cut down or have had to close their doors altogether.

The Future Of Works Means New Things For HR Professionals

HR professionals will play an essential role in guiding employees towards the new way of working by communicating operational changes, new work arrangements and more.

How To Prepare Your Company For The Future

Current circumstances have revealed infrastructure and operational problems for many companies, so it is up to employers to make improvements as businesses open back up.

The Freelance Workforce Is Expected To Grow

The number of freelancers across the country are expected to continue growing at unemployment rates skyrocket and companies lean towards adopting flexible work policies.

Workplace Wellness Will Be A Must Have Moving Forward

Wellness started emerging as a sought-after amenity prior to the pandemic, but companies must prioritize it moving forward as it becomes essential to keep workers safe.



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