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Should You Take A Workcation?

[bctt tweet=”Workations offer remote and freelance workers the ability to experience the world, while maintaining availability to their clients.” username=”allwork_space”]

According to Coworkation data, cities that are experiencing a spike in remote working groups include: Medellín, Colombia; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Lisbon, Portugal; Ubud, Indonesia; and Cape Town, South Africa.

While it is clear that the workation trend is becoming a popular trend among freelancers, does it truly result in productivity?

For one, new scenery can boost productivity and overall morale. A change in your surroundings can help break up monotonous routines, while improving your ability to retain information. This can definitely be applied to a working vacation, where you can enjoy new location and get a kick of rejuvenation.

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    Additionally, taking a workation can also help you test out whether the digital nomad lifestyle is made for you. 

    Often times, work takes becomes our main priority, which can make it hard to value well-being, but taking a work vacation can help bring more balance to your life.

    Overall, as long as you can draw a distinct line between work and playtime, have the ability to manage your responsibilities and the tools to be productive, a workation might be the perfect fit.

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