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What Exactly Is Fueling The Coworking Industry?

Thanks to the digitization of the economy, the workforce has evolved immensely over the past decade. Notably, this has led to the growth of coworking spaces, which allows workers to work independently and collaborate with other professionals.

Offices today are more than just smart buildings integrated with great technology — they also ensure a collaborative environment where workers from various industries can come together. Click To Tweet

Coworking is being supported by the growth of the gig economy and creatives, who no longer wish to work out of coffee shops and want to be surrounded with like-minded professionals. It also reduces the costs of running a business out of their own offices.

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Currently, at least 60 million people are considered to be apart of the gig economy, which means that the coworking model is likely here to stay.

Beyond the gig economy, larger corporations have also readily adopted the coworking model. This is likely due to the fact that these firms wish to cut costs, as well as retain their talent who want more flexible arrangements.

Overall, the future of coworking is bright for all professionals seeking a creative, collaborative, and flexible workspace.

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