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What To Expect From Workplaces In 2020

Workplaces have undergone serious changes in the past few years, from design to technology integration, and it appears that organizations will continue to change to meet the values and demands of workers.

In 2020, time will continue to be a highly sought-after perk for many workers. This shift has already started, with many workers seeking out flexible hours and remote positions. 

Research has proven time and time again that flexibility is not only beneficial for employees, but employers as well, so offering it will become key to retaining talent. 

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Furthermore, mental health issues will continue to become less taboo and more valued in the workplace. This means making mental health an approachable topic so employees struggling can get the support they need and avoid burnout.

Another anticipated trend for workplaces in 2020 will likely be the ability to focus on key tasks. As distractions continue to surround our society, whether it be social media or texting, employees that are able to focus on their work will be seen as more valuable to companies.

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