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HR’s Role In Preparing For The Future Of Work

HR leaders must keep up with workplace trends in order to accommodate today’s changing work culture, and technology plays a huge role in achieving that.

According to the 2019 Global Workplace Survey, 80% of respondents said they would turn down a position that did not offer flexible working. Offering flexibility has been found to attract and retain talent, motivate workers and helps save on overall business expenditures. Flexible working can be utilized by adopting technology that allows workers to complete tasks and communicate with their colleagues no matter where they are located.

Furthermore, 91% of State of Work respondents said they believe that workplaces equipped with modern technology attracts and retains the best talent. 

“As the talent war continues, and Gen Z keeps demanding a great enterprise experience, a company that ignores tech tools in the workplace does so at great risk,” said David Karandish, founder and CEO of enterprise artificial intelligence SaaS company Capacity. “But don’t take my word for it—ask your youngest employee if they have more experience with WhatsApp or TPS reports.”

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Artificial intelligence is another attainable tool that can help workers by completing menial tasks and allowing them to focus on high-level, human skills. Tasks like organizing documents and administrative work all has the ability to be completed by AI which can help increase productivity among teams.

Overall, HR leaders can help boost collaboration, promote flexible work and attract the best talent by promoting the adoption of technological advancements.

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Aayat Ali

Aayat is an editor for the Daily Digest based out of Kentucky. She has worked with local coworking spaces since August of 2017 and enjoys taking her firsthand knowledge to write about the fascinating, constantly evolving world of flexible workspaces. Feel free to reach out to her at [email protected] View all posts by Aayat Ali

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HR’s Vital Role In The Future Of The Workplace



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