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IWG Signs Biggest Deal To Date

IWG has signed a deal with Japanese telecommunications group Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, which indicates that the desire for hybrid working arrangements is on the uprise.

The deal will provide NTT’s 300,000 employees with access to IWG offices all over the world,  marking its biggest customer to date.

The three-year deal will allow NTT staff to choose from over 3,300 offices owned by IWG.

Many flexible office companies have positioned themselves to be the middle ground between at-home and in-office working, allowing professionals to have an alternative workspace.

“One of the lasting legacies of the pandemic will be the ability to work in different ways, in different places, and more companies will have distributed workforces empowering their teams to work closer to or from home,” said Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG.

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    According to Mark La Neve, chief executive of NTT Global Sourcing, the deal would help employees maintain some of the perks of working from home, such as shorter commute times and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. It will also continue to have some offices within its network.

    Prior to this new agreement, IWG signed another deal with Standard Chartered that provides the bank’s 95,000 staffers access to its offices for a 12-month trial.

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