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How To Make Vibrant Workspaces With Your Local London Authority

January 28, 2021


In 2020 COVID restrictions brought a change in commuter behaviour. 

We saw the rise of ‘neighbourhood workspaces’ in London as people adapted to ‘work from home.’ 

Soon ‘work from home’ became a quest to ‘work near home’ and it looks like this is ‘the next normal.’

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Research projects like Boot The Commute show how we average 251 hours a year on commuting. 

For once, our whole nation changed where they do their work and got an entire year to reflect on it – 10 years of behaviour change condensed into a year, businesses recognising that remote work can work.

Pre covid 15% of people worked remote, currently that now sits at around 60% even after lockdown – Pandora’s box is now open on work-life balance …

Do we seriously think we will go back to the inbound journeys at 7.30 am and 5.30  on packed trains and buses and tubes, paying handsomely to stand in overcrowded transport and essentially waste up to 3 hrs a day journeying?
Whatever the outcomes – the future won’t be like it was, a hybrid approach of working will come into play and going to the office even for a couple of days a week won’t be a chore it will be seen as a benefit. More info here.
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