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Allwork.Space accepts contributions from experts, leaders, influencers, and unorthodox thinkers who can spark a conversation about the Future Of Work and educate our readers on how the world of work is rapidly changing, why, and how to prepare for it. Please consult our mission statement to help determine if your content would be a good fit. 

Please carefully review our editorial guidelines and process, laid out below, before submitting your pitch or article to Allwork.Space.  

What we look for 

We prefer articles that spark new ways of thinking, challenge the status quo, provide insights and advice to our readers and push on conversations around topics and trends that engage our key segments. Our audience includes flexible workspace operators, corporate human resource executives, real estate managers, CRE executives, private equity investors, workplace designers, and workers seeking knowledge to help inform their decisions. 

Allwork.Space’s goal is to is to empower our readers to thrive in the Future of Work with valuable advice, insights, information, and news across a variety of topics. Common article topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Biophilic Design
  • Business
  • Career Growth
  • Coliving
  • Collaboration
  • Coworking
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)
  • Digital Nomads
  • Future of Work 
  • Home Office  
  • Human Resources (HR) 
  • Hybrid Work 
  • Investment 
  • Leadership 
  • Marketing 
  • Mental Health 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • Office Furniture 
  • Productivity 
  • PropTech 
  • Remote Work 
  • Self-care 
  • Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) 
  • Social Impact 
  • Space-as-a-Service 
  • Technology 
  • Virtual Office 
  • Work-life Balance 
  • Workforce 
  • Workplace Design 
  • Workplace Wellness 
  • Opinion 

Types of Content Allwork.Space Publishes 

  • News and trends articles: Pieces that share unique insights, trends, or takeaways from events. Average wordcount: 800-1,000+ words
  • Breaking News: News articles about flexible workspace or future of work-related topics. Average wordcount: 400-600 words
  • Evergreen: Articles that remain relevant regardless of the season or the timeframe. These are typically longer-form articles. Average wordcount 1,200+

Editorial Guidelines  

Please ensure your content follows the guidelines below before you submit your article to Allwork.Space. If your article does not meet our guidelines and style, it will not be considered. We’re unable to give specific feedback about why a submission may not have been selected for publication if this guidance isn’t followed. 

  • We like clean, concise, no frills copy. If a topic warrants 1,500 words, go for it; if it only warrants 500 words, that’s more than enough. 
  • Always use reputable sources, and give direct, clear credit where credit is due (this can include an online link or information regarding where the data comes from). 
  • We use American spelling and grammar; Queen’s English is not used. 
  • We love the Oxford comma. 
  • Our tone of voice is friendly and professional. 
  • Avoid first person references, unless you’re submitting an opinion piece. 
  • Avoid acronyms unless defined early in article and later repeated throughout the copy. 
  • We don’t mind contractions. 
  • If you’re writing about coworking, make sure you know the lingo; people are not coworking users, they’re coworking members. Remember: it’s coworking, not co-working. 
  • We encourage the use of links in articles, but don’t go crazy, and don’t use links for self-promotion unless you have paid for placement of the article (see below). Add links to other Allwork.Space articles when appropriate. You can also link to highly relevant or valuable off-site pieces. 
  • Please submit 3 potential headlines for your piece. 
  • Please include 3 bullet points before the body text that serve as a summary of the highlights of your article. 
  • Include a written our summary for your article (160 characters maximum). 
  • We encourage authors to include visual material for their articles, or suggestions for relevant graphics, but this is not required. Please ensure that you have the necessary permissions/copyright to publish any images included within your article, and include a caption for each. Images must be sent as separate attachments and not within the copy of the article (although you can indicate suggested image placement within the copy). 

Without exceptions, all articles submitted must:  

  • be original and exclusive to Allwork.Space; articles cannot be published elsewhere prior to release on Allwork.Space.  
  • remain exclusive to our site for 21 days after publication, after which time they may be reprinted in part or in full on other sites, with a link back to the original article on Allwork.Space.  
  • include the author’s full name. 
  • be written by a person, not an agency, PR department or marketing agencies (if you wish to have an article authored by an agency or business, please contact [email protected]). 
  • not include affiliate links.* 

Over-the-top self-promotion (of yourself or your company) will prevent us from considering your article to be published on Allwork.Space as a free contribution. If you are looking to promote yourself or your company, we have several paid submission options. Click here for more information. 

Our Editorial Process & Ownership 

The process goes something like this 

  1. You submit your completed draft through the online form; this is the only accepted method to submit articles 
  2. We review your submission (This can take up to 10 business days, please be patient.) 
  3. You will receive notice of our decision to publish your submission as a contribution (free of charge) or offer you a paid solution instead. 

Acceptable file formats: Send completed drafts as a Word attachment or as a Google doc link. If submitting via Google docs, ensure that it is accessible by anyone and has Edit permission enabled. Please include an author bio (60-100 words) when submitting a piece to Allwork.Space. 

Editorial revisions are part of the process; we may ask for edits, additions, or clarifications. We do not share edits or revisions with authors prior to publication. 

If we choose to publish your article: 

  • All articles are subject to editing. 
  • Headlines and subheads are subject to change. 
  • Content may be edited for style, tone, or substance. 
  • Links may be added for context. 
  • Art will be added at the discretion of Allwork.Space. 
  • Articles may or may not be promoted across Allwork.Space’s media outlets, on our home page, in our newsletters, and via our social feeds. 

All editorial rights of published pieces belong to Allwork.Space.   

Sponsored Content Options 

Allwork.Space has sponsored content options for companies interested in increasing their visibility through high-value content. Sponsored content must adhere to our editorial guidelines. If you would like to submit a sponsored article to Allwork.Space, please email [email protected]. The Allwork.Space Creative Studio will work with you to create the most impactful message for your business.    

  • Sponsored Articles – Sponsored articles are not ads; rather they are a tool that can help organizations position themselves as thought-leaders within their industries by showcasing knowledge and insights.  
  • Advertorials Allwork.Space offers advertorial opportunities for companies interested in selling a product or service through written content. Advertorials are ads presented in the form of editorial content. 
  • Research & Reports – Has your company released a report or whitepaper that concerns the future of work? Allwork.Space is the ideal place to feature it! We can create a high-quality editorial piece that promotes your findings to our readers. 
  • Q&As – We love asking questions to renowned experts and leaders whose knowledge and insights educate and inspire our readers to learn about how we work today, and tomorrow. This type of interview will feature insights exclusively from your expert to establish expertise and boost reputation.  
  • Opinion Articles – Have an opinion on how and why the world of work is changing? Submit your pitch! 

Please carefully review all previous tabs before submitting your pitch or article to Allwork.Space.  

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