Allwork.Space’s Editorial Process

Allwork.Space’s Editorial Process: A Guide

This guide details the process all articles—including sponsored posts, advertorials, and guest posts—go through to be published.

When you submit an article to Allwork.Space, one of our editors will work with you to ensure the piece is suitable to be published. Editors may request changes or other revisions, and they will collaborate with you to ensure it meets our standards.

While our editors work with all authors, Allwork.Space editors reserve the right to edit, change, revise, or modify articles submitted for publication, including headlines. Prior to publishing, the editor may make final edits or revisions that are not shared with the author.

Tools for Writing and Editing

In the hopes of making the writing, editing, and publishing process as seamless as possible, we encourage all contributors to use the following platforms to write and submit articles for publication on Allwork.Space.

  • Google Docs
  • Word documents (online or downloadable versions).

If you are sharing a link to a document, please make sure the document has the correct permissions for edits to be made.

Our Guidelines

Before you start working on your article, please review the following document: Allwork.Space Editorial Guidelines.

The Editorial Process: An Overview

Pitch an Idea | Outline

We recommend that all writers submit an outline of their idea to ensure the article and topic are a good fit for Allwork.Space. Your outline should include the following elements:

  • Target audience / target category on Allwork.Space.
  • Why will our target audience be interested in reading your piece (what will they takeaway from it)?
  • A list of the main points or sections the article will cover, along with a brief description of each.

Send your outline to [email protected]. If the proposed topic is suitable for Allwork.Space, one of our editors will reach out with initial feedback. We encourage you to include links to previous work you have published.

Start Writing

Once your idea and outline are approved, you can start working on your first draft. Keep our Editorial Guidelines document handy as you work on your article. If you have any questions or need help, reach out to your assigned editor.

Submit Your Draft

Once you have finished working on your draft, please send it to [email protected] along with any images/visuals that you want to include with your piece.

Bear in mind the following when submitting a draft:

  • Submit 3 potential headlines for your article
  • Include captions for all images/graphics/visuals.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary permissions for any images/graphics/visuals you submit. Be sure to include a source.
  • Please include a brief bio (60-100 words) at the end of your draft.


Your editor will review your article. If only minor edits and revisions are necessary, the editor will make those and submit the article for publishing.

If the draft submitted requires that you add more information or clarify some points, the editor will leave comments on the document for you to work on at your earliest convenience. Your assigned editor will email you with a link to the document with comments/suggestions.

Once you’ve worked through the changes/revisions, please submit the new version via email. The editor will let you know if the piece has been approved for publishing or if it needs additional work.


We will let you know when your article will be published. Once an article is live, we encourage all writers to engage with and share the piece on their personal social media channels.

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