How To Write For Allwork.Space

About Allwork.Space

Allwork.Space is a digital media company dedicated to exploring the future of work.

The foundation of Allwork.Space started with a focus on flexible workspace, coworking, and business centers. Driven by our readers’ continuous pursuit of knowledge, Allwork.Space broadened its focus to encompass not only workspace news and trends, but how we will work in the future.

The mission of Allwork.Space is to give readers and listeners a deeper understanding of the future of work and the resources to prepare for it.We do this by publishing daily in-depth features, interviews, news updates, and the Future Of Work Podcast.

As part of this mission, we are committed to supporting the workplace transition to flexibility through FlexSpace by Allwork.Space. FlexSpace is an online search platform listing thousands of workspace locations in the USA.

We also work in conjunction with the All Good Work Foundation, the flexible workspace industry’s nonprofit, which partners with workplace operators to connect social impact organizations and nonprofits with affordable, community-driven workspaces.

Visit Allwork.Space to read or listen to expert commentary focused on thefuture of work.

Topics We Cover

Our strength lies in growing our audiences and providing insightful articles to our key segments, which include flexible workspace operators, corporate human resource executives, real estate managers, CRE executives, private equity investors, workplace designers, and knowledge workers.

Allwork.Space provides valuable advice, insights, information, and news across a variety of topics related to work and the workplace. Common article topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Future of work
  • Workplace design
  • Workplace technology
  • Flexible workspace and coworking space operators
  • Flexible workspace and coworking space users
  • Remote work
  • Hybrid work models
  • Marketing
  • Human resources and talent management
  • Digital nomads and remote workers
  • Workplace wellness
  • Work-life balance
  • Workplace leadership and culture
  • Office markets
  • Corporate real estate strategy.

All articles submitted must be original and exclusive to Allwork.Space. Please familiarize yourself with our site and our published content before submitting a pitch for approval. You can learn more about our editorial process here.

Types of Content Allwork.Space Publishes

  • News and trends articles: Pieces that share unique insights, trends, or takeaways from events (in person and virtual). Average wordcount: 800-1,000+ words.
  • Breaking News: News articles about flexible workspace or future of work-related topics. Average wordcount: 400-600 words.
  • Evergreen: Articles that remain relevant regardless of the season or the time-frame. These are typically longer-form articles. Average wordcount 1,200+.

Sponsor Articles

Allwork.Space has sponsored post options for companies interested in increasing their visibility through high-value content. Sponsor articles are not ads; rather they are a tool that can help organizations position themselves as thought-leaders within their industries. If you would like to submit a sponsored article to Allwork.Space, please email Daniel Lamadrid ([email protected]).

Sponsored posts need to adhere to Allwork.Space’s editorial guidelines and style guide.


Allwork.Space offers advertorial opportunities for companies interested in selling a product or service through written content. Advertorials are ads presented in the form of editorial content. If you would like to submit an advertorial for publication in Allwork.Space, please email Daniel Lamadrid ([email protected]).

Advertorials need to adhere to Allwork.Space’s editorial guidelines and style guide.

Style Guide

  • All articles submitted to Allwork.Space must be original; they can’t be published elsewhere prior or after publication on our site.
  • We like clean, concise, no frills copy. If a topic warrants 2,000 words, go for it; if it only warrants 800 words, that’s more than enough.
  • Always use reputable sources, and give credit where credit is due (an online link or information from where the data comes from).
  • We use American spelling and grammar for most stories, however if you are covering UK + Europe focused stories, we accept British English spelling and grammar.
  • We love the Oxford comma.
  • Our tone of voice is friendly and professional.
  • Avoid first person references, unless you’re submitting an opinion piece.
  • Avoid acronyms unless defined early in article and later repeated throughout the copy.
  • We don’t mind contractions.
  • If you’re writing about coworking, make sure you know the lingo; people are not coworking users, they’re coworking members. Remember, it’s coworking, not co-working.
  • We encourage the use of links in articles, but don’t go crazy. Add links to other Allwork.Space articles when appropriate. You can also link to highly relevant or valuable off site pieces.
  • For Q&A articles, please follow this format.
  • Please submit 3 potential titles for your piece.
  • Please include a listed summary (3 bullet points) of your article before the body text.
  • Include a summary/excerpt for your article (160 characters maximum).
  • If your article has various sections and sub-sections, please ensure you’re using the right heading order/format.
  • We encourage authors to include visual material for their articles, but this is not required. All images need to have a caption to go along with them. Please ensure that you have the necessary permissions/copyrights to publish any images included within your article.

Submission and Editorial Ownership

Editorial revisions are part of the process; we may ask for edits, additions, or clarifications. Allwork.Space reserves the right to edit, change, revise, and modify articles submitted for publication, including headlines. We do not share edits or revisions with authors prior to publication.

Send completed drafts as a Word attachment or as a Google doc link to [email protected]. If submitting via Google docs, ensure that it is accessible by anyone and has Edit permission enabled. Please include an author bio (60-100 words) when submitting a piece to Allwork.Space.

Images that go with the article need to be sent as separate attachments and not within the copy of the article (you can include images within the copy to show placement).

All editorial rights of published pieces belong to Allwork.Space.  


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