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The Future Of Physical Offices

Companies adopting remote working policies have caused the office industry to struggle over the past few months, but flexible workspaces could open the door to growth.

Asia-Pacific’s Flex Office Market Is Staying Persistent

Despite obstacles the flexible office market has faced in the past few months, the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing impressive growth during these unprecedented times.

Pro-working Spaces Are The Future Of The Workplace

Businesses are weighing out whether to continue their operations remotely or to welcome workers back into the workspace, and the solution could be a hybrid of both.

WeWork Seeks Lawsuit Dismissal

The We Company is seeking to get a lawsuit brought by two of its board members to be thrown out, stating it does not have the authority to sue in the name of the company.

Adapting To The Digitization Of The Workplace

Several companies have seamlessly adjusted to remote working arrangements, but none of this could be done without the help of new digital and technological resources.

The Pros And Cons Of Remote Working

New research from the University of Kent and the University of Birmingham has identified the pros, such as improved well-being, and cons of remote working arrangements.

Solidifying A Rejuvenated Remote Workforce

Companies that are operating with a remote workforce have found that collaboration and productivity have improved, but maintaining it will be key moving forward.

The Importance Of Employee Engagement

Now that many companies are operating remotely, business leaders must shift their strategy to put an emphasis on the employee experience and keeping up engagement.

Altering Coworking Spaces For The Future

Coworking operators that encourage and implement strict sanitation and distancing guidelines could show a promising future for the industry despite recent obstacles.

Maintaining A Consistent Work-life Balance

Companies are developing new strategies to ensure that employees maintain and nurture a healthy work-life balance, as well as their mental health in the coming months.

Malaysia’s Flexible Office Growth Continues Upwards

For the third consecutive year, Malaysia has seen huge growth in its flexible office market, which has led it to surpass the recently slow-growing Hong Kong market.

Remote Workers Struggle To Switch Off

Although remote working offers the chance for a better work-life balance, employees are suffering from work-life blur and the inability to switch off after the workday.



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