Attracting More Mobile Workers to Your Business Center

Mobile workers
Mobile workers

Are you trying to attract more mobile workers to your business center? If not, you should catch up on your reading on Officing Today. We have published several articles about the growing mobile workforce and why it is potentially lucrative for your business center.

One way to get into the mind of mobile workers is to, well, get into the mind of mobile workers. Once you understand how mobile workers think – and what they see as the benefits of mobile working – you can tap into those felt needs with your savvy marketing efforts.

In order to get into the mind of mobile workers on your behalf, I read up on the topic in an article by Chase Fleming called “5 Reasons Being a Mobile Worker Rocks.” When I saw the headline, I was certain it would provide much-needed insights into how mobile workers are thinking about their work environment.

I was right. As his article promised, Fleming outlined the five biggest perks of a completely mobile job: a flexible work schedule; work-from-web technology that has finally caught up to the promise; travel opportunities; a lax dress code; and better productivity. Not all of these reasons are suitable for marketing strategies. Nevertheless, most have potential and the others (like a lax dress code) are still helpful in understanding the mindset of mobile workers.

Let’s start with a flexible work schedule. A flexible work schedule is part and parcel to the business center marketing equation. Flexible work trends are pushing alternative workplace strategies, like virtual offices, meeting rooms and day offices, to the fore. Do mobile workers in your area know you offer these options? Create a marketing message about flexible work and position your business center as the solution.

Work-from-web technology has indeed finally caught up to the promise, but sometimes mobile workers need a place to land while they are roaming about with tablets under their arms and smartphones at their hip. Mobile workers need a place to recharge their devices or print hard copies of a presentation. That’s where your business center can fill in the gap. Target mobile workers with fast lane experiences that help them get in and out quickly with what they need – then market it.

Better productivity is one of the mantras of the mobile workforce movement. Many different studies show how virtual offices make employees more productive. Even mobile workers can use a virtual office, and a meeting room for big client presentations. Hit the productivity cord in your marketing materials and then offer plenty of options for tiered services at your business center.

Do you get the idea yet? The mobile workforce is rising. IDC predicts mobile workers will make up 29 percent of the global workforce by 2013. That’s next year – and that number keeps rising. Your business center can leverage this trend if you create a compelling experience for mobile workers – and then let them know what you can offer.

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