Office Design Trends for 2016, Part 2

Last week, we shared some office design trend predictions for 2016 as told by some design and architecture experts. This week, we bring you more trends; some focused on wellness, others in fun and entertainment, and others on open spaces and privacy (one we believe might be one of the biggest trends next year, especially as we’ve seen many operators, like WeWork, struggle with noise levels).


From Poppin

Poppin is a manufacturer of workplace furniture and supplies based in New York City. They design products that are stylish, functional, and accessible. Poppin’s head designer is Jeff Miller, who has previously worked with top companies such as Apple, Herman Miller, Samsung, and Itoki.

Jeff predicts the following office trends for 2016:


Open Floor Plans with Flexibility for Privacy

Everyone wants more interaction, but there’s been a huge pushback on the now-ubiquitous open office. We’re thinking about designing more products that encourage inter and intra-team exchange, while helping to mitigate sound, and provide privacy. The aim is to balance company hierarchy while allowing employees focus when needed.

Photo courtesy of Poppin. The height-adjustable Series A Desk System was inspired by the dynamic needs of today’s modern workspace.

1_Series A Desk System by Poppin  

Standing Workspaces

Standing height desks have become popular for individual workstations because of health benefits – now the trend is transcending communal areas as well. Adding standing height meeting areas at busy thoroughfares welcomes more open communication, and encourages impromptu chats and collaboration.

Photo courtesy of Poppin

Photo courtesy of Poppin

Blending Work and Play

Studies have shown that people are more productive after fun, physical activity. Incorporating office ping pong tables for instance, promotes friendly competition among coworkers between meetings or before returning to that big project.

Photo courtesy of Poppin. Playing doubles-duty as a conference table and ping-pong fun center. The sliding tabletop features a secret stowaway zone for ping-pong balls, cable management, or love letters to Maria Sharapova.

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-09 a las 0.44.59

Designated Lounge Areas

Lighter, powerful, wireless technology has untethered the workspace more than ever. Consequently offices are better able to emulate the comfort of home – stimulating relaxed and collaborative activity. Offices now mandate the inclusion of dedicated lounge areas to make working more enjoyable.

Photo courtesy of Poppin. Add a lounge area that doubles as a social workspace and features “no tools assembly”. Poppin’s collection has five pieces that can be mixed, matched and configured in four different ways: “The Corner Office,” “The Gilligan,” “The Shimmy” and “The Back it Up.” 

1_Block Party Lounge Collection_Poppin

From Nemo Tile

Since its launch in Jamaica, Queens, in 1921, Nemo Tile offers product for residential and commercial applications. The New York–based company offers myriad options in surface materials, from ceramic, porcelain and stone to stainless steel and glass.

Katie Michael-Battaglia, Design Director of Nemo Tile, predicts the following office trends for 2016:

Meshing Space Types and Style

In reference to materials, this includes more color and pattern; hints of richness including metallics and stone with bold veining; a desire to have a big design gesture and eclecticism of styles.

Photo by Garrett Rowland


Captura de pantalla 2015-12-09 a las 0.56.05

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Departure from the Standard Square and Rectangles

In tile, it’s all about unique shapes like hexagons, rhomboids, lanterns and chevron. In addition, we are seeing a lot more of planks, and not just for wood-looking tile, it’s carried over into all different types of porcelain tile.

Photo courtesy of Nemo Tile


Bold Uses of Color and Pattern

The pantry or canteen space has become a gathering and collaborative area, and thus there is a desire for big bang for your buck in tile design in these areas. Bold uses of color and pattern are used for walls and backsplashes; however when it comes to flooring, large format has become increasingly popular due to the desire to have less grout lines and a clean aesthetic on floors.

Photo courtesy of Nemo Tile


Matt Karlin, President of Nemo Tile, also forecasted the following trend:

Getting the Look for Less

Getting the look for less and selecting materials that appear really high end but are actually very practical and affordable. For example, a Marble looking Porcelain floor throughout an entire space gives you a luxurious look for a fraction of the cost and it’s essentially maintenance free.

Photo by Garrett Rowland

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-09 a las 1.11.29

From Teknion

Teknion is dedicated to innovative and sustainable design, and provides a diverse portfolio ofvoffice systems, furnishings, soft-seating, ergonomic accessories, and architectural products. The company’s versatile and integrated furniture products support workplace wellness, responding to essential human needs and behaviors

Steve Delfino, vice president of corporate marketing and product management, predicts the following trend for next year:

Privacy from Noise and Distraction

While collaborative, open areas are necessary in the workplace, employees also need quiet spaces to focus. Solutions supporting both the needs for privacy and to be connected to coworkers have emerged.

Photo courtesy of Teknion. Teknion recently launched upStage™, a workplace solution that connects individual personalities and work styles by allowing people to independently manage their preferences for visual privacy, movement, orientation, and storage. 


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