In the Loop: Great Coworkers, Flexible Work & Women, and the Generational Gap

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How Remote Workspaces Benefit Women

Sarah Sutton Fell offers valuable and interesting insights as to how and why flexible workspaces and remote work benefit women in business. One of her main arguments is that flexible work allows for women to focus on their families without having to give up their professional careers entirely. Worth a read, check the full article here.

The Art of Being a Great Coworker

Like it or not, we spend most of our time around coworkers and colleagues; which is why it makes sense to try and nurture these relationships and make the best of them at all times. It’s time for you to put your foot forward, and chances are you won’t regret it, coworkers can be interesting and fun people that you share a lot in common with. Take a look at HubSpot’s 13 tips to being a great coworker.

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    Dealing with the Generational Gap in your Workplace

    Having multiple generations in a workspace at the same shouldn’t be synonymous with tension and awkwardness. Some studies have found that even though there’s an age gap, coworkers and colleagues can still find similarities and common ground in which they agree. Yet, there’s no denying that age differences do play a role in office dynamics. This forbes article presents three ways in which one can close the generational gap in a given workspace.

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