In the Loop: First Impressions, Restrooms, and Shot Clocks

Customer at the reception a female receptionist is welcoming and registering him windows and city skyline on background

Branding with Your Reception Area

A blog post featuring an interview with Jacqueline Barr, a design expert, on why your reception area can be a part of your branding strategy. First impressions count and, according to Jacqueline, your reception area is paramount as it’s the first glimpse prospective clients get of your space.

An Overlooked ‘Part’ of Workspaces

Though we don’t often think of the bathroom as an important element of the workspace, truth is…it is. This article explores how “restroom design, maintenance, and location have important effects on user well-being and performance.”

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Should your Meeting Rooms have a Shot Clock?

This article explores how a shot clock can make meetings more productive and engaging. According to HBR, “The shot clock is impersonal — even obnoxious — but that’s what makes it effective. It’s fair. Everyone is guaranteed to get a turn, and each issue is given the attention it needs. No one gets to “buy” extra floor time because of his or her status.”

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