Collins Street Business Center Joins ABCN

The Business Center operator with one of the biggest locations  in Melbourne has joined the ranks of the Alliance Network.

Collins Street Business Center, a flexible workspace operator in Australia that’s been around for about 20 years, recently became a member of the Alliance Business Centers Network.

Partakers in the philosophy that flexible workspaces need to be flexible (as in hybrid models), Collins Street offers a wide range of workstations — starting by individual ones to workstations that can welcome groups/businesses of up to 100 team members.

Their flexibility in terms of memberships and types of workstations (managed offices, virtual offices, coworking) has enabled them to nurture a strong community in their workspace.  

“We have a lovely community in our centers. People feel comfortable and happy in our environment, which is why they spend so much time in our spaces,” Michael Benson, CEO, tells us.

Talking about the Alliance Network and making the decision to become a member, Mr. Benson mentions: “Alliance will give us the ability to offer our members meeting rooms and workspaces in Australia and around the world, while also assuring us and our members that the services and workspaces offered by others will be of a similar quality as the ones we provide at Collins Street.”

Furthermore, Mr. Benson goes on to explain other benefits of the new membership.

“With ABCN we hope to get more inquiries and grow our virtual business. We’re also keen on the idea of sharing and gaining information with other Alliance members, learning about new products, trends, and ideas that as an industry we can work and develop on.”

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“Being a part of the Alliance Network allows us, as independent operators, to compete with the likes of Regus, as it allows us to have access to a global market of flexible workspace users.”


As for the local market, Mr. Benson believes Collins Street has various differentiating factors that allow them to compete and be successful in the Melbourne market.

“Our fit out is very edgy and contemporary, we offer a wide range of workspaces, our staff is well-trained, and we have an in-house IT team available 24/7 to all of our members.”

Collins Street recently opened a new location, 350 Collins St., which boasts an entire floor dedicated to meeting rooms, training, and video conference.

Regarding future plans, Mr. Benson tells us how Collins Street is about to embark on an Asian and Australian expansion, with hopes to be present in most Australian cities and major Asian cities within the next 3-5 years.