The Role of Brokers and Agents in the Flexible Workspace Industry


A series of videos that seeks to explain how experts view the future of the industry and the challenges that it currently faces. 

During the ALLGCUC Conference, we heard one of the speakers compare the flexible workspace industry to the automotive industry. The purpose? For everyone attending to realize how big our industry is and the different ‘players’ that have a role in the industry.  

Here’s the analogy: There are different types of cars (luxury, sport, compact, trucks, etc) just as there are different types of flexible workspaces (business centers, coworking spaces, maker centers, etc). The automotive industry also encompasses more than just finished cars; it also encompasses all the materials, economic sectors, and professions that are involved in the making-process and the selling of the cars (i.e. steel, wheels, plastic, carbon fiber, rubber and the like, as well as engineers, designers, salespeople, accountants, etc).

Similarly, the flexible workspace industry encompasses more than ‘work spaces’ and operators. Our industry is made up of clients, designers, furniture providers, brokers, technology providers, community managers, real estate, landlords…you get the idea.

In an effort to better understand our industry and where it is headed, and to consider some of the players involved in the industry, Richard Gill, Managing Director of Landmark Plc, created a series of videos in which he interviews key players in the UK flexible workspace sector to gain valuable insights into the industry and the challenges it faces. Richard, a former solicitor with over 20 years’ experience within the property industry, set up Landmark Plc alongside David Todd back in 2000.

The first video of the series is an interview with Dan Brown, Associate Director at Jones Lang LaSalle, about the role of brokers and agents in the flexible workspace sector.

The 5 minute video discusses topics such as:

  • What broker and agents’ fees include
  • How the market is evolving
  • The effect of the rapid growth of the sector on workstation rates
  • Popular center features

You can see the video below or click here.

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