Why Finding Coworking Spaces in DC and Boston Is About to Get Easier


Croissant, an app that basically works as a ‘coworking visa’ is launching in DC and Boston.

Last October, Nisha Garigarn, co-founder of Croissant, spoke with us about the back then newly launched app and how they (the founders) hoped to see Croissant change the way people find and use coworking spaces.

Croissant is a membership app that allows its members to book and use different coworking spaces for one monthly fee. Just like coworking spaces, Croissant offers different types of packages and pricing, depending on the amount of time the workspace is required.

The way it works is that Croissant partners with various coworking operators in a city, agreeing on a set number of seats that will be designated or allocated for Croissant members to use.

Founded in May and launched in July of last year, Croissant is starting to see its first growth experience, as it recently made the app available in the DC and Boston markets.

Commenting on the success of Croissant and its expansion plans, Co-founder Nisha Garigarn says:

“We launched Croissant in New York City about one year ago, and since then it has grown to become a strong community of freelancers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who love coworking. Our members love using Croissant because it gives them an easy way to work, choosing from a variety of inspiring environments seamlessly.”
“We received a lot of positive feedback in NYC, and people on Twitter were asking for us to come to their city; the tops ones being DC and Boston. This was when we first started taking the idea of expanding seriously. So far, we have several workspaces in DC and Boston that are already hosting Croissant members, and we’re in the midst of working on partnerships with even more operators.”

While operating only in New York City, Croissant was able to build a strong network of members; a network that they  will continue to foster and grow with new additions to their coworking portfolio. 

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Super excited to be expanding outside NYC! – Nisha Garigarn, co-founder

Image via Croissant Website

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