5 Things Flexible Workspace Operators Can Be Thankful For

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Part of running a business is facing good times and facing bad times. There’s no easy way to becoming successful, and truthfully we wouldn’t want that either–the satisfaction of accomplishing goals wouldn’t be as meaningful and fulfilling as it is if it were easy to get everything we want.

At the same time, in an industry where community and collaboration lie at the core of its existence, we know that success doesn’t come to those who work alone. We’re all in this together, and we need one another to keep on growing.

So in the spirit of the holidays, here are 5 things all flexible workspace operators should be thankful for.

Be Thankful for Your Workspace Members

Without them you wouldn’t exist. Simple as that.

What’s the use of a workspace if no one is using it? So be thankful of your members for keeping you in business, for helping you build a unique community, and for taking care of your space. 

Be Thankful for Your Providers

Whether it’s technology providers, coffee providers, food providers, furniture providers…be thankful for them. Through their services and products you have been able to build a unique workspace that’s the best version it can be.

Be Thankful for Your Amazing Staff

Really. Happy employees are key to a successful business. They’re the ones that keep things going, that cheer your members up, that make sure the coffee tastes good, and that your workspace is at all times welcoming and up to par. 

Be Thankful for Technology

Oh yes. If it wasn’t for technology the coworking movement wouldn’t have taken off as much as it has. Also, cutting edge technology gives you some competitive advantages, as well as making management and administrative easier and less time consuming. 

Be Thankful for Other Workspace Operators (WeWork we’re looking at you)

Competition is what keeps us constantly seeking out ways to improve our services and offerings. Plus, more competition means a growing industry and that also means an expanded potential market and an improved elevator speech.

Whether we like it or not, the more serviced offices, the more coworking spaces, the more flexible workspace options out there, the more people hear from us, know about us, and turn to us for services and solutions. 


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    Be thankful during this holiday season, and be thankful always. And don’t forget to spread the love. 

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