Proworkspaces’s #WorkspaceDay Defined the Future of Workspaces in the International Business World


This past November 11th, Proworkspaces celebrated its I Conference since its rebranding. A large number of attendees were present at the event and they were able to observe firsthand how the association has evolved, leading to a greater power of influence and attracting very well known names  in  the sector at international level.

I Conference, also known as WorkSpaceDay, was held in Luchana’s theater in Madrid, which offered a disruptive environment that made it possible to grab the attention of all the audience in a single focus point: the stage and its speakers.

The Conference started with the opening by ProWorkSpaces’ President, Eduardo Salsamendi, who after a few words introduced the first speaker: the President of the 3g Office, Francisco Vázquez.

  • Francisco Vázquez, President 3G office
    “You have to reinvent corporate spaces,” Vázquez summed up his presentation. The most important topic is the correct way to digitize workspaces. Layouts should being designed with future users in mind, but also maintaining a level of dynamism, variety and quality.

  • Sergi Corbeto, CEO Mind The Gap
    The founding partner and CEO of Mind the Gap, Sergi Corbeto, focused on the digital age as an opportunity to “build empathy” among users of the workspaces and improve them as people.
    “We have to embrace the new normality,” Corbeto said regarding the need to accept the role of technology in everyday life, anytime and anywhere.

  • Alejandro Castillo, partner Rrebrand
    “You have to know how people think, feel and dream to run a successful business” said Alejandro Castillo, founding partner of Rrebrand. His speech focused on the concern of observing users’ behaviours and learning what people feel in order to offer and added value that would appeal to them.

The second part of the day began with a presentation by CEO and founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman.

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  • Eduard Schaepman, CEO and founder Tribes
    “Working without frontiers is the same as coworking” argued Schaepman, who put forward the theory that creativity comes from chaos and diversity. This is the model they defend in their company and it serves to create very dynamic work environments.

  • Carlos Gonçalves, CEO Avila Business Center
    Carlos Gonçalves talked about the challenges and opportunities that the new economy poses to the flexible workspace sector. His belief is that for the industry to be successful, “collaboration with customers and other workspaces is necessary.”

  • Greg Miley, Head of operator relationships at Instant Offices
    Greg Miley spoke about the flexibility of markets drawing on recent studies that analyze the state of business centers on a global scale. His speech, titled   “What are the signs of a growing market? also detailed a list of guidelines he believes are key factors that should be taken into account when talking about the growth of the industry.

  • Bruno Rébillé, co-founder ChoozenWork
    Bruno Rébillé talked about ChoozenWork and what he hopes to accomplish with the brand. His aim is for ChoozenWork to become a key player in online workspace bookings and to take advantage of the paradigm shift affecting physical offices — which he believes will diminish in presence, but will not entirely disappear.

The event ended with a Q&A session, where attendees were able to put forth doubts and comments that had arisen during the day. ProWorkSpaces is proud to give the opportunity for workspace operators to collaborate and share knowledge and experiences at an international level.

The rest of the evening was enlivened by cocktails and the play Runners.  ProWorkSpaces wants to thank all the associates, attendees, collaborators, and Luchana’s Theater for helping put together a successful I Conference.

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