In The Loop: Female and Sports-Focused Coworking in the US, and Regus’ Coworking Brand in the UK

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Spaces Goes To Gerrads  Cross

Spaces, Regus’ coworking brand, recently announced a new location Chalfon Park, Gerrards Cross. According to this article, the coworking brand is planning on opening more locations across the UK, including Glasgow, Teddington, Marlow, and Liverpool.

Sports Focused Coworking, Why Not?

The Pitch is the only sports-focused coworking space in the United States (and possible the world too). Located in Minneapolis, it’s the physical space where sports and tech harmoniously overlap. Executive Director, Teke O’Reilly, told ChicagoInno that he “was looking forward to crossing into the nerd world where sports was celebrated, rather than looked down upon.” You can read all about how The Pitch is hoping to make Minneapolis a sports tech hub here.

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Women Only Workspace, COTERIE, Switches Homebase

Originally set to open in West Carson Boulevard this past Summer, COTERIE coworking has decided to move into an even more prestigious location. The female-focused coworking space will instead open mid-January in the renowned entrepreneurial hub of Packard Place in Charlotte. Read the full story here.

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