INFOGRAPHIC – Then and Now: How a Decade Changed the Workplace

Guest post by Anabelle Smyth

How Much of a Difference Does 10 Years Make?

According to BambooHR’s recent survey, Then and Now:  How a Decade Changed the Workplace, there have been, indeed, some notable changes to the workplace. (Full infographic on next page). 

Consider your current workplace. How has it changed in the last few years? How does it compare to places that you’ve worked from in the past?

Naturally, some workplace changes can be attributed the flow of new people coming in and going out. But a good deal of these changes have also come around because of technological advances and, more importantly, shifting perspectives.

For example, many businesses no longer expect their employees to adhere to a strict business dress code; similarly, fixed hours and annual employee reviews are becoming less and less prominent.

It’s become obvious that outdated workplace policies are on their way out the door.

BambooHR’s workplace survey extracted some interesting changes that have taken place since 2006. The questions and data from surveys 10 years ago were studied and compared to the survey that was executed in 2016.

Some of the findings include:

  • 71 percent of employees agree that the person they report to at work are effective leaders. This represents a 64 percent increase from 2006.
  • Employees appear to be more satisfied with the growth opportunities available to them today than they were in 2006. A comparison of the data illustrated a 14 percent increase in satisfaction levels, with respondents stating that they agreed or strongly agreed that their current employers had the potential for career advancement.
  • The survey also showed that employees seem to be more satisfied with their current employers. In 2006, less than half of employees surveyed stated that they would choose their current job over a similar job elsewhere, whereas 2 out of 3 respondents to the 2016 survey said that they preferred their present job.

But these aren’t all the changes the survey found…

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