How Art Can Help You Create a Unique Workspace Experience

Some places are simply inspiring. Make your flexible workspace one of them.

This article is part of our February “we’re all about community” series.

For obvious reasons, workspace members should be kept happy. By happy we don’t mean smiling all the time; we mean keeping them happy as a way to retain their business and  keep them coming back to your workspace.

Your whole raison d’etre is to provide individuals with a place to work, a space they feel proud of, they feel inspired in, and they feel a part of.  One way to achieve this is through design, and today we’ll discuss specifically art.

The way your workspace is laid out, designed, and decorated can help you build the type of environment and culture you want for your space. If you want members to feel inspired, creative, and innovative, you need to make sure your workspace in and out of itself reflects these principles.

Luckily, as an independent coworking space operator, you have the freedom to give your space its own identity, one catered specifically to your physical location, your local market, and your members.  This will make it easier for you to create a space that reflects the above mentioned principles.

At WUN Systems, we believe a well-thought out coworking space can inspire creativity, which in turn can drive collaboration. We also believe art is a great source of inspiration, which a why we enjoyed seeing Quest Workspaces’ newest location.

Quest found a way to embrace innovation, inspiration, and creativity by making art a key part of its design in its newest location in South Florida. The coworking operator decided to use art as a way to pay tribute to its members, the Questers, and as way to inspire them to create and work in whichever way best fits them.  

Quest Workspaces – Plantation, FL

There’s nothing inspirational about plain white walls. On the other hand, a space adorned with selected works of art or unusual pieces of furniture has the power to inspire, to start a conversation, form opinion, and fuel discussion. In spaces like these, where inspiration is abundant and creativity surrounds you everywhere…who knows where a simple conversation could lead?

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Various workspace operators, including Quest, understand the value of this; which is why some have partnered with local artists to showcase their work, while others have invested in their own art collection to boast throughout their workspace centers.

The main objective is to create a unique workplace experience for your members–one that inspires creativity, that drives collaboration, and encourages innovation in whichever way or form it may come and manifest itself. It’s about creating that experience that will keep them wanting more of your space, of its vibe, of its essence.

Art, in its many shapes and forms, can help you add value not only to your physical space, but also to your workplace community. Spark the conversation and ignite the creative flame; hang a painting, frame a photograph, or create your own graffiti.