INFOGRAPHIC: Sustainable Workspace Buildings

The latest on workspace building design? Sustainability.

As it becomes harder and harder to negate the effects of climate change and how its affecting each and everyone of us, more people are embracing ‘green’ in all aspects of their lives. The green movement has long gone beyond reusing, reducing, and recycling; today, being green means actively finding ways to reduce your footprint, from car-sharing to energy efficient light bulbs, all the way to smart buildings and buying goods from companies that make it a point to support and be friendly to the environment.

Green building is no longer a choice. In the EU, The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive will require all new buildings to be nearly zero-energy by the end of 2020. And although you might not operate your flexible workspace from a commercial building, you should be looking into ways through which you can creatively support zero-energy efforts.

Below is an infographic by Cast Iron Radiators on energy efficient office buildings and the different ways in which they are leading the path towards green and zero-energy buildings.

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