In The Loop: GCUC Bites the Big Apple, 3D Printed Skyscrapers and New Zealand’s National Coworking Day

National Coworking Day, New Zealand

The 2017 Global Coworking Unconference Conference is Happening

Follow all the action from this year’s GCUC event in New York, where the great and good from all corners of the flexible workspace industry are convening (at Convene, no less). Keep up with the action at and watch this space for news and interviews from Allwork’s roaming reporter, Ceci Amador.

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New Zealand’s First National Coworking Day

The pacific nation is pulling off a pretty awesome publicity campaign for coworking. On Thursday 11th May, 29 coworking spaces spanning the length and breadth of New Zealand will open their doors for the day, inviting curious visitors to tour and try the spaces, for free. Let’s get behind this campaign and spread the word.

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Skyscraper Design Assembled by 3D Printed Pods

Nope, this isn’t Sci-Fi. Malaysian architect Haseef Rafiei’s totally innovative approach to building skyscrapers uses 3D printed reusable ‘pods’ slotted into place by cranes, lowered from the top down. The pods can be designed for any use – workspace, apartments, nurseries, fitness centers – and can be hoisted back up for storage once vacated. It’s like playing Connect 4 on an industrial scale.

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