In The Loop: WeWork and UrWork Take Battle To The Next Level, and Other Workplace News


The Legal Battle Between WeWork and UrWork

Bloomberg reported recently that coworking giant, WeWork, has started legal action against its Asian counterpart, UrWork. According to documents, WeWork is suing UrWork for trademark infringement, claiming that UrWork is gaining businesses for ‘passing off’ as WeWork. WeWork’s action comes right after UrWork announced its expansion into WeWork’s main turf, the US market.

Read the full Bloomberg story here.

Bar Turned Coworking

Gin + Collins, a cocktail lounge in Miami, is expanding its market reach with Clock in at Collins. Basically, they want customers to show up and do more than drink. According to a Miami New Times’ article, the business wants people to use its South Beach bar as a communal workspace.

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We think it’s a brilliant idea. Afterall, it’s always wine o’clock somewhere and who doesn’t love a good dose of liquid inspiration?

Read more about this drinking lounge coworking here.

What’s Shaped The Workplace?

Number 9 is our favorite on FastCompany’s list of inventions that have shaped the workplace. This light, fun, and I will also add insightful article is well worth a read.

Who knew the five-day workweek has been around since 1908…is it  time for a change on that end?

Find out why we love #9 here!