In The Loop: Coworking In Hong Kong Attracts Institutional Funds and Regus’ Spaces


Institutional Funds Eye The Coworking Boom In Asia

The South China Morning Post wrote recently that, “Confidence in the growing sector has rippled into the investment market, prompting institutional funds to incorporate coworking space real estate into their investment models to justify acquisitions of office buildings in Hong Kong.”

The coworking industry in Asia is growing and evolving at an unmatched pace, and as these workspace solutions continue to appeal to large corporates we can expect more funds to be pumped into the movement.

Read more about how Hong Kong’s institutional funds are embracing coworking here.

Spaces Goes Big In Hong Kong

Regus’ coworking brand, Spaces, is renting out 77,000 square foot in Hong Kong’s Sun House building, according to Mingtiandi. The article further reports that Spaces has “committed to occupying 40,00 square feet of space in Lee Garden Three”, an office tower currently being developed.

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Read all about the deal, which is the largest deal signed by Spaces this year, here.

Coworking Is No Cantal Cheese

Some food (or should we say cheese?) for thought. Jean-Yves Huwart gives a strong case as to why we shouldn’t fight anymore about who gets to call themselves a ‘coworking’ space and who doesn’t.

Coworking is no cantal cheese, and as such it should be considered as a generic term.

A must read for everyone interested in and involved with the industry. Check it out here!

*Photo by Steven Wei on Unsplash