In The Loop: Affordable Workspace For Social Entrepreneurs, Coworking + Insurance, And City Funds


Impact Hub Lowers Prices For Social Entrepreneurs

Talk about how our industry always strives to give back to and improve communities. reported a few days ago that Impact Hub Baltimore “is rolling out a new membership pricing to make coworking more affordable for social entrepreneurs.”

According to the article, the new membership costs 1/5th of the original price.

Read more about why Impact Hub Baltimore made this decision and how the strategy will help power organizations and the local community here.

Coworking And Health Insurance

“As coworking catches on, benefit plans pop up to serve them,” or so wrote The Globe and Mail earlier this week. Freelancers and independent contractors are no strangers to the struggles of finding health insurance that’s affordable and covers more than just the basics.

Check out how COHIP has found an affordable way to provide freelancers, entrepreneurs, and coworking members with health insurance in Canada.

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Coworking Operator Hopes To Get $35,000 From City Funds

The Middletown Press reported earlier this week that the Middletown Entrepreneurs Work Space (MEWS+), a coworking space located inside the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, is hoping to persuade councilors to approve $35,000 in seed funding in order to grow and relocate the workspace.

Read the full story and details on how the money would be used here.