Introducing Central: The One-Stop-Shop for On-Demand Office Space

From Central’s website: one of their listed locations in 45 W 27TH ST - NEW YORK CITY, NY.
  • Launched by the team behind PivotDesk, Central is a curated marketplace for flexible, sophisticated office space
  • Central will allow businesses and corporate teams to discover workplace options in various cities
  • Central will be first available in New York City

NEW YORK CITY, DECEMBER 12, 2017 — Launching today, Central is a curated marketplace for flexible, sophisticated office space. Available first in New York City, Central allows medium-sized businesses and corporate teams to discover inspiring and beautiful workplace options.

Beyond finding options that don’t feel like a hospital waiting room, the real estate process is opaque and can take upwards of a year to complete. Central allows decisions makers to find amazing spaces that they and their teams are inspired by, on the terms that make the most sense for their business.

“In a market so full of options, it can feel impossible to discover the best office space for your business,” said Peter Nocchiero, General Manager of Central. “Central cuts through the clutter by hand-vetting spaces that are submitted for consideration. The team also leveraged learnings from building PivotDesk and data from customer research to better understand how existing systems fail to address the unique needs of medium-sized teams. At the end of the day, we want to empower businesses to provide their employees with a premier working environment.”

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Central takes the guess work out of finding the best. For tenants that’s the best space that inspires and addresses all of their needs needs; For landlords that’s the best, most-qualified tenants for their high-quality spaces.

“Central is the remedy for the vast amount of average listing-services currently in the market, for potential tenants, brokers and landlords alike,” said Maggie Burns, Head of Real Estate Portfolio for Central. “Just as we curate space into the Central marketplace; potential tenants are also vetted for legitimacy.”

By enabling landlords to be more flexible with lease agreements, Central allows owners and brokers to cast a wider net in finding the best tenant for their space(s). The marketplace also allows brokers to match real, professional offices with real, professional tenants, without expensive and time-consuming market and customer research.

Central is now available for potential tenants, landlords and brokers in New York City, at


Central is a marketplace for flexible and sophisticated office space. Launched in December 2017 by the team behind PivotDesk, Central currently services the needs of tenants, brokers and landlords in the New York City area. Central is a subsidiary of Industrious. For more information, visit

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