Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Community Managers And Coworkers

gift ideas_ We’ve got it covered.
Stuck for gift ideas for your coworkers? We’ve got it covered.

Because gift giving isn’t as easy or straightforward as we’d like…especially when it comes to those you work with.  

Though we spend most of our time at work, surrounded by people we interact with on a daily basis, picking the right gift for coworkers and staff is always a challenge. We know this all too well (I mean, I even struggle coming up with gift ideas for my parents and siblings). So we decided to give you a hand.

Whether you’re thinking about giving something to a coworking user, owner, or manager, here are some gift ideas that they are bound to love.

Cool Coffee Mug

Because we all run on coffee (or we all should)! And if there are people out there who don’t, they still need a pretty cool mug for their tea (we guess?).  

There’s a plethora of cool mugs out there. So if  you have someone particular in mind, consider whether they are geeks, sports fans, bookworms, Star Wars fans, plain coffee addicts, or people who appreciate smart-assery. Once you’re set on that, pick a mug accordingly.


Drink coffee, you must.

Where can I get it?

You can buy this cool Darth Vader coffee mug here, this baseball mug here, or the smart-ass mug here.

Gourmet Ground or Whole Bean Coffee, and Specialty Tea

Because all mornings should start off with a strong cup of coffee. For those who can’t function in the morning without their coffee, consider gifting a gourmet coffee basket. You can pick one from a local coffeeshop or look around online for some of the best blends from different regions and countries.

For those who don’t run on coffee, but instead run on tea, consider giving them an assortment of teas: black, green, fruity, in bags, in leaves, etc.


Just as there’s specialty coffee out there, there are also stores that specialize in tea. Pick one, pick two, or go crazy.

Where can I get it?

You can buy this chai tea kit here, and this loose leaf tea sampler here. For the coffee sampler kit, click here.

Funky tea infuser

This is the perfect gift for the tea connoisseur that enjoys brewing loose leaf tea. For them, we suggest a funky, funny, or just plain unusual tea infuser.


Want a new man in your life? Try this loose tea infuser.

Where can I get it?

You can buy this cute robot tea infuser here or this cool man loose tea infuser here.

Desk Plant

Green life in the work environment brings great benefits; they help purify the air, they help bring ‘life’ to the space, and they can even help reduce unwanted noise. Besides, plants are pretty, so they are aesthetically pleasing and, sometimes, even relaxing.

For anyone that spends most of their day in their desk, typing away, we recommend giving a desk plant. We personally recommend succulents, as they are fairly low-maintenance and long-lasting. But if you need more ideas on how to choose the right plant for a work or indoor environment, check out this infographic.

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Indoor plants bring colour into the office and help purify the air. These owls are a real hoot, too.

Where can I get it?

You can buy this succulent with oval vessel here; the succulent and pot here; and these cute owl pots here.

Xiaomi Mi Band

It’s a cool, affordable gadget that can do a lot more than count steps and monitor your heartbeat (I write as I casually side-glance to the one placed on my left wrist). Perfect for fitness aficionados or those who (like me) often need a nudge to get moving a bit more during the day.


Keep track of your health and introduce more wellness into your working life.

Where can I get it?

Buy Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 here.

Wine or Craft Beer

Does this even need an explanation?

You can buy them online, handpick them from the local liquor store, or make an adventure out of it and go to a winery or local brewery (if it’s within reasonable distance).


Build a beer or wine hamper. It goes like this: “One for you, two for me…”

Where can I get it?

You can build your own wine or beer basket, or buy a premade one here. (Though we highly suggest visiting local stores for this one.)

Witty Desk Calendar

Because work sometimes requires all of us to deal with halfwits. For days like those, a healthy dose of sarcasm can be the ideal cure.


A dose of humor that’s perfect for Mondays (and sometimes every other day of the week too).

Where can I get it?

You can buy this witty desk calendar here.

Charity Gift Certificate  

There truly is no better gift than that of giving. You can either donate to a good cause in the name of someone, or you can purchase a “Charity Gift Card” and let your gift recipient choose which charity they wish to donate to.


It’s the season of goodwill and giving. Make a donation to charity on behalf of your coworker with a Charity Gift Card.

Where can I get it?

You can purchase a Charity Gift Card from Make A Charity Choice here.

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