In The Loop: WeWork, Tower Bridge In London, And Coworking In Ireland

According to the Financial Times “WeWork’s steep valuation depends on a blinkered faith.”

Why WeWork Doesn’t Deserve A $20Bn Valuation
The Financial Times recently published an in-depth analysis on the coworking giant’s sky-high valuation and why they don’t deserve it. “WeWork’s steep valuation depends on a blinkered faith in its originality despite a crowded market of competitors,” and according to the authors, the “real worth of the office space company is closer to $3bn.”

Tower Bridge Court in London to be Converted into Flexible Workspace
Property week reported this week that FORE Partnership, an investment platform, “acquired Tower Bridge Court in London for £51m and unveiled plans to partner with developer Landid to convert it into a ‘creative workspace’.”

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Glandore Invests £1m To Create New Coworking Space In Belfast
According to Irish Tech News Ireland’s leading provider of flexible workspace, Glandore, opened a new coworking space at Arthur House in Belfast. Glandore currently operates over 2,500 desks between 8 locations in Belfast and Dublin.

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