Startups Storm Westminster: PUBLIC And Huckletree Launch First Govtech Workspace In Heart Of Westminster

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PUBLIC Hall, a coworking space that will be managed by Huckletree, will be the first technology-focused coworking space in the heart of Westminster

PUBLIC, a leading venture firm working to help tech startups transform public services, has joined forces with Huckletree, an innovative workspace accelerator, to open a new curated space in the heart of Westminster, bringing together technology, innovation and public services.

At a time when questions abound about how to regulate technology firms like Google and Facebook and how best to support British startups, PUBLIC Hall powered by Huckletree will be the first technology-focused coworking space in the heart of Westminster.

Positioned immediately opposite the Ministry of Defence and a short walk from Downing Street, the 250 member PUBLIC Hall will encourage greater exchange between politicians, civil servants and technologists. It will break down barriers, and will help position London as the global GovTech capital.

PUBLIC Hall will be opening in July 2019, housing startups and innovators and will host regular trailblazing events curated by PUBLIC and Huckletree with public sector officials and startups.

Daniel Korski, CEO and co-founder of PUBLIC, said:

“PUBLIC could not be more excited to be launching the first-ever PUBLIC Hall in collaboration with Huckletree. We launched PUBLIC with the aim of bringing technologists and government closer together and providing a physical space in the heart of government where this can happen is the next step in this journey. We can’t wait to welcome entrepreneurs, public servants, MPs and ministers through the doors of PUBLIC Hall this summer.”

Gabriela Hersham, CEO and co-founder of Huckletree, said:

“The potential for disruption in the UK public sector is significant and exciting, and we feel very strongly that this will have a transformative impact on entrepreneurs here and abroad. We are hugely inspired by PUBLIC’s commitment to this vision and are proud to play a role in bringing further innovation to our city. We are looking forward to working with them to bring this ethos to life in the heart of Westminster this summer.”

Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, said:

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“Public services can benefit hugely from adopting new technologies. PUBLIC Hall will provide a space to where government and innovators can work more closely together, and is a vital step towards a more technology-enabled state.”

Theo Blackwell, Chief Digital Officer for London, said:

“The Mayor and I are committed to harnessing the power of technology and data to improve how London delivers public services. It’s fantastic to see PUBLIC Hall opening up in the capital, bringing tech companies and government closer together. Our capital already has a thriving startup ecosystem – PUBLIC Hall is the first of its kind and I hope will help enhance London’s position as the global leader for GovTech.”

PUBLIC Hall will open in July 2019 and provide desks to 250 members. Members will enjoy access to Huckletree’s network of co-working spaces across London and Dublin.

PUBLIC was founded by the former deputy head of the No. 10 Policy Unit, Daniel Korski, and venture investor, Alexander de Carvalho, and brings together experience from the public sector, technology and finance to help technology startups transform public services. PUBLIC is the world’s largest supporter of GovTech ventures and runs its accelerator programme GovStart in London, Paris and Berlin.

Successes from PUBLIC’s GovStart accelerator in 2018 include: €10m+ total value of contracts signed; 19 public sector contracts or pilots agreed; £42m of total investment raised; 23 companies supported.

About Huckletree

Founded by Gabriela Hersham and Andrew Lynch in 2014, Huckletree is a workspace accelerator bringing together a diverse, disruptive community of startups, scaleups, innovation teams and global brands who are working to build a better future. Today they’ve built a global brand that has become synonymous with technological innovation, big ideas and meaningful contribution to the world around us. Their expanding community already counts locations in London, Dublin and Manchester. PUBLIC Hall is the latest expansion announcement from the Huckletree group with further spaces planned for 2019 and 2020.

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