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COWOKI Offers Coworking + Childcare In Cologne’s Belgian Quarter

Founded in 2017, COWOKI is a coworking space with childcare in Cologne’s “Belgisches Viertel” (Belgian quarter). The space offer 40 workstations and nine childcare areas, which are already completely booked out.

COWOKI founder Peggy Wahlich came up with the idea of coworking + childcare when she realized there’s a significant lack of innovative childcare opportunities available for Cologne’s parents, especially for parents with kids 3 years or younger. Wahlrich personally experienced the struggles of juggling children and working from home and found existing childcare options to be too expensive.  

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Wahlich was inspired by Rockzipfel, a coworking space in Leipzig that also offers childcare. She realized there was indeed a market for such niche offerings when similar coworking options opened in Hamburg, Munich, and Dresden. However, launching and operating this concept comes with its own  set of challenges, including building and childcare regulations. COWOKI has reached its breakeven point and Wahlich want to open a second location in the future.

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