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The Best Workplaces Is a Destination

More than a third of the US working population now spends part of their week working remotely, with many using their homes as an office. Technology has reduced the need for people to go into the office, it’s now possible to work from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or laptop and a reliable internet connection.

This is why there’s an increased focus in creating the right workplace experience for employees. Leesman conducted an online survey that examines how employees behave in the workplace and how they engage with different elements of it. The survey results are added to a global benchmark that estimates the design impact that these workplaces have on the overall employee experience, including productivity and enjoyment.

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Unfortunately, the most recent survey found that the workplace isn’t living up to people’s standards and it’s failing users in these fundamental areas: productivity, enjoyable environment, welcoming. As more people embrace the opportunity to work remotely, it’s critical that companies provide an environment that’s welcoming and people are proud to visit.

It’s time for companies to rethink the workplace so that they can provide the modern workforce with the right infrastructure, services, and experience.

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