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Tackling Workplace Noise with ‘Pods’

Though the open office was created to counter the isolation associated with cubles, it quickly became evident that there are downsides to shared workspace areas; mainly unwanted noise levels and increased distraction. 

Pods, to a certain extent, have become the cubicles of the 21st century as workers increasingly seek them out for privacy and quietness. Noise is the number one complaint among open-plan office users; it’s a chaotic vessel. Though open office seem great in theory, they’re far from perfect in practice. 

The open-office has faced significant backlash in recent years, with research arguing that these spaces do more harm than good to workers. To combat this, companies are trying to figure out a way to add more privacy to these spaces without harming the collaboration they typically encourage. The solution many have opted for are phone booths or pods. 

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Companies are also learning that what workers value most is choice, so they are increasingly providing different work environments that people can move through as the day goes by.

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