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Employee Engagement Is Key To Retention

Employee engagement has completely transformed as benefits that were once seen as perks are now expected by much of the workforce. This includes offering flexible working, free snacks, remote working and more.

Such benefits have been proven to have a direct return-on-investment on employee engagement and are a great way to attract and retain talent.

For instance, Nucleus Research looks at the ROI of employee engagement and retention and found that replacing a worker can be up to 48% of the employee’s loaded annual cost to the employer.

Now, as workers evolve to seek more valuable positions, employee engagement is becoming higher priority for various companies. In fact, a poll of younger American workers found that 57% of respondents said their top career priority was for it to be personally enjoyable and meaningful.

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In order to create a sense of fulfilment for all workers, employers need to exercise both control and recognition. A recent Gallup poll of 7,500 full-time employees found that 44% reported feeling burned out sometimes. If workers had more control over their environment, they are less likely to suffer from stressful work situations that often lead to burnout. 

Furthermore, if workers do not receive recognition for their work, their motivation and focus will dwindle. Recognizing the accomplishments and hard work of employees creates a work environment that is both supportive and effective.

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