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Knoll CEO Discusses Preparing For The New Normal

Furniture design specialist Knoll has received a boost in demand for at-home office solutions, which has led it to invest in its e-commerce and visualization tools.

Andrew Cogan, chairman and CEO of Knoll, revealed that the company’s team shifted to remote working easily. He added that companies that are design-centric will continue to pivot to innovative and technologically-driven design in the wake of the pandemic.

“People crave the community, connectivity, and creativity of the office; at the same time, consumers will be spending more time in their abode than on travel or entertainment,” said Cogan.

Last year, the company acquired, an e-commerce brand that focuses on at-home office design, which has helped them meet growing demand for work-from-home resources and led them to an all-time high for sales in March.

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For coworking spaces, Cogan said that many operators are already prepared for the new way of working, but that shared, open areas will need to be updated to include more private offices.

Aside from home-office solutions, the company is also gearing its resources to guiding clients to safely return to the workplace. 

“I expect that this phase will be followed by a shift in overall facility design, exploring meeting and gathering areas, for example, where you are not in an enclosed room, but working in open freestanding architectural structures surrounded by lounge and individual work areas, all designed to facilitate distancing and enhanced airflow—a much healthier environment overall,” said Cogan.

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