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Creating A Productive Home Office

Working from home can be difficult if the appropriate boundaries are not set. Once home life and work life start bleeding together, it can be harmful to a person’s mental health, but according to Knoll’s design director Benjamin Pardo, the right design can prevent this problem.

“Our homes need to be a place of comfort, where we can express our identity and personality,” said Pardo. “We need to design spaces that are flexible and allow us to both work and live at home.” 

Knoll’s new Work From Home website highlights certain products that can help anyone create a home office that supports workers.

Those who do not have the ability to dedicate a separate room to become their home office can use creative tweaks to create a productive workspace. The best way to do this is to be able to transform the room back to its original purpose as to separate home and work life.

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For instance, Pardo said that he has a rolling desk in his New York apartment to use during the day, but can be easily moved by the evening. He adds that using storage containers to put work-related items out of sight are ideal so your family can be together without the stresses of work lingering in the air.

According to Pardo’s research, it is essential for workers to also incorporate movement in their home office, whether that be through a swivel chair or a standing desk, as it has been found to boost productivity.

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