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Recognizing Location Bias Can Boost Workplace Diversity

A report from McKinsey & Company found that there is a distinct connection between diversity and a company’s financial performance, yet women and minorities continue to be underrepresented.

Corean Canty, COO of digital agency Goodway Group, said that her company that has operated remotely for over 12 years and has experienced first-hand how an emphasis on diversity can improve how the workplace functions. This goes beyond gender and ethnic diversity: location is often a disadvantage to many people who live in parts of the country that are not large, often unaffordable cities.

In order to avoid location bias, companies should look into recruiting talent from anywhere and communicate inclusivity in their job descriptions. This broadens the talent pool and allows organizations to reach out to more diverse candidates.

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Next, pivot away from finding potential talent that fits into the workplace. Rather, look at the gaps in your company’s culture and find someone who can add value to the team.

Creating an environment that truly nurtures a sense of belonging is essential, particularly as many companies move to a more remote workforce. Provide tools and resources that not only make working from home seamless, but also enhance communication and connection between colleagues.

One way to accomplish this is using behavioral assessments that allow workers to have a better understanding of one another, thus boosting collaboration. Goodway Group also offers employees of color and allies supportive resources that cover family matters, finances and more.

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