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How Workplace Culture Is Changing

One of the most significant outcomes of the ongoing pandemic is the number of workers that have shifted to remote working arrangements for the first time. 

Now, the facade of true professionalism has faded as employees get a more personal look into the lives of their colleagues. The humanization of the workplace is just the tip of the iceberg as we slowly prepare for a post-pandemic world.

A survey from Statistics Canada revealed that over one-quarter of employers would offer remote working opportunities after the dust has settled, and 15% said they would make it mandatory.

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Although allowing coworkers to have a peek into our everyday lives can feel vulnerable, research indicates that this could actually improve the connection we have with our colleagues.

In addition to breaking down professional barriers between coworkers, the way we dress has become increasingly casual. While this can open the door for companies to host fun Casual Fridays and Pajama Mondays, some research indicates how we dress can alter the way people perceive us.

Additionally, remote working has modified how employers measure the success of their employees. Rather than focusing on presentation, leaders are able to focus more on the competence and output of workers.

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