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How Asia Pacific’s Offices Are Adapting

The pandemic’s origins in Asia-Pacific has allowed the area to undergo an office transformation longer than any other region in the world. As governments begin lifting lockdowns and opening up their economies, office owners are considering how to continue bringing in users, while keeping them safe.

Now, entering the office involves going through temperature screenings, using elevators that are activated through a smartphone app or foot pedal system, improved air conditioning systems, as well as thermal heat maps to keep track of distancing between occupants. Additionally, disinfection fogging and ultraviolet light will be utilized to keep areas thoroughly sanitized.

The use of artificial intelligence and PropTech is expected to completely shape what services and tools businesses invest in, as well as how they continue operating.

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“We are going to see more PropTech solutions combine with traditional property management to provide better and healthier building environments,’ said Daniel Yeo, head of research at JLL China. “Offices will be highly digitised. The internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data will redefine the workplace experience.”

For instance, Singapore-based office developer CapitaLand is piloting disinfection technologies, touchless technology including facial recognition software and more across various business parks and office buildings to support tenants who are preparing to return to the workplace.

Additionally, some experts believe that even when employees return to the workplace, it will only be for a portion of the work week to attend meetings or submit projects. This trend will likely lead to an increased use of satellite offices, where businesses can host employees and de-densify their main headquarters.

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