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Philadelphia Welcomes First Healthcare Coworking Space

Philadelphia-based MedCoShare has launched the city’s first coworking space geared towards independent healthcare practitioners.

Ronak Vyas launched the startup to provide a workspace for healthcare practitioners outside of large hospitals. 

“If you are a smaller practice, you may be getting more space than you actually need because there just isn’t an alternative,” said Ronak. “You either give in to the landlord’s demands and pay for the larger space or you work for a larger practice or a hospital system.”

MedCoShare offers the perfect solution for healthcare professionals who want to start their own practice, without being tied down to long-term, expensive leases, particularly in big cities.

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The first MedCoShare, located in Fishtown, offers eight clinical exam rooms, as well as two offices with basic medical supplies for clinical professionals such as therapists, primary care physicians and surgeons.

The company operates on a pay-as-you-go membership model, where healthcare professionals can sign up for month-to-month payments. Ronak added that this allows members to only pay for the space they need.

For instance, if a member needs just one room one day a week, MedCoShare offers a plan to accommodate that.

“Wherever the practitioner is in their business, we can adjust our inventory to suit their needs,” said Ronak.

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