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The Evolution Of Employee Expectations

A new report from JLL has found that the expectations of the workplace have evolved over the past year.

According to JLL, there are four personas of workers that have emerged from this time, including traditional office workers, experience lovers, wellness addicts and free spirits.

Traditional office workers, which take up 34% of office workers, mostly did not work from home pre-pandemic. They also have the belief that remote working is not the best option for their particular role.

JLL states that these people most likely work in environments with high presenteeism culture.

Experience lovers want the best of both worlds, with the desire for flexibility and the office as a destination. According to the report, 50% of these professionals worked remotely prior to the pandemic and expect to continue doing so at least one or two days each week.

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Additionally, these workers typically favor hot desking, working out of alternative workplaces and embracing the four-day work week.

The majority of wellness addicts also had experience working from home prior to the pandemic. For these workers, work-life balance and health are their first priority. 

Having little to no commute and wellness-related workplace amenities that help balance personal and professional responsibilities are of the utmost importance for these workers.

Free spirits are those who want total flexibility. According to JLL, 17% of these workers worked from home at least three days before the pandemic.

Many of these workers have a great fear of the virus and want their employer to create policies that help mitigate the risk of transmission.

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