Common Desk – Continental Gin Has Opened In Deep Ellum

Common Desk - Continental Gin Has Opened In Deep Ellum
August Real Estate Co. partnered with Common Desk to revitalize the historic landmark, offering creative workspace for the first time in the building’s history.
  • August Real Estate Co. partnered with Common Desk to revitalize the historic landmark 
  • The partnership will allow Common Desk to offer creative workspace for the first time in the building’s history. 
  • Each of the building’s 12 conference rooms has been themed to honor all types of artistry, such as pottery, sculpture, photography and cartography, as an ode to the artist studios that once occupied the building. 

DALLAS (March , 2021) – The Continental Gin Building has stood in the background of Deep Ellum’s explosive growth for years, but the City of Dallas Landmark is now moving back into focus. The Continental Gin Building has reopened as a mixed-use destination in Deep Ellum for the first time in the building’s 133-year history, with Deep Ellum local coworking company, Common Desk powering its office efforts. Dallas-based company August Real Estate Co. has completed the intensive restoration of the 70,000 square-foot building, and now, Deep Ellum locals, Common Desk members, visitors and building tenants alike can enjoy The Continental Gin Building’s three floors of upgraded offerings, bespoke design and energizing atmosphere.  

Originally built in 1888, The Continental Gin Building was once the largest cotton processing equipment manufacturing operation in the United States. Most recently, The Continental Gin Building acted as a studio and loft space for Dallas-based artists. Now, The Continental Gin Building has been reimagined to offer turnkey flexible office suites of various sizes, experiential coworking, on-site craft coffee, restaurant concepts and building-wide amenities.  

“The Continental Gin Building is one of the oldest buildings in Dallas and was once the epicenter of innovation in Deep Ellum. The goal of this next chapter for The Continental Gin Building was to go beyond just office space to be more of a hospitality-focused, mixed-use destination that will once again function as a hub of innovation for the entire community,” said Jordan August, Co-Founder and Principal of August Real Estate Co. “Our hope is that anyone who walks through The Continental Gin Building can feel the soul of this historical Deep Ellum icon.” 

With August Real Estate Co. and Common Desk focused on keeping the building’s extensive history and ties to the arts alive, The Continental Gin Building has been revitalized to preserve its rich past while reflecting the neighborhood’s exciting future. Entering the building feels like walking into one of Dallas’ many art museums, with intentional furnishings and pieces filling every corner, pairing a selection of new, curated artwork with found antiques from across the city. Each of the building’s 12 conference rooms has been themed to honor all types of artistry, such as pottery, sculpture, photography and cartography, as an ode to the artist studios that once occupied the building. Members of Common Desk – Continental Gin get to enjoy the atmosphere of a boutique hotel-meets-art museum just by coming to work each day. 

Anticipating a post-pandemic shift in the way companies re-approach the office, Common Desk – Continental Gin lends a next-generation angle to workspaces with its accessibility, sanitation measures and energy-efficiency. Upgraded health and safety measures in the building include hospital-grade air filtration, UV light systems, touchless fixtures in restrooms and anti-microbial surfaces. Energy-efficient upgrades include solar panels on the roof and a front canopy that will contribute to the building’s LEED Silver Certification. Expecting trends developed by professionals during the work-from-home era of COVID-19 to stay for the foreseeable future, The Continental Gin has an indoor-outdoor build, is dog-friendly, and has showers included in the restrooms on all floors for those who prefer to walk or bike to the office.  

“The Gin was perfectly crafted for life after the pandemic. It’s a building that you can get in and out of without getting onto an elevator. It’s dog-friendly and near a popular trail and dog park, bringing the comforts we found while working from home to the office,” said Dawson Williams, Head of Real Estate at Common Desk. “It’s tastefully designed and completely flexible, creating a productive and professional environment all while maintaining a neighborhood feel. The appetite for spaces that feel like an extension of home are in high demand; people want to get back to business while keeping certain lifestyle shifts of the work-from-home era, and Common Desk – Continental Gin is positioned to accommodate for the future of work.” 

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The property spans two acres of Deep Ellum, offering ample green space and ease of access from the Santa Fe Trail, Old East Dallas and the core of downtown and Deep Ellum. The first floor of the building features a wraparound patio and deck which connects to vacant spaces for restaurant concepts. Common Desk, who is leasing and managing the building, is close to signing multiple restaurant concepts on the first floor, which would offer members and tenants a diverse selection of culinary destinations just steps away from their offices.  

The lobby of The Continental Gin Building is powered by Fiction Coffee, Common Desk’s own craft coffee brand. Fiction will serve its full menu of inventive coffee and espresso offerings, as well as light bites, daily cocktails during happy hour and a sizable mix of socially-distanced seating for visitors. The second floor is home to Common Desk’s second Deep Ellum coworking location, and the third floor features nine turnkey Class A spec suites built with the highest level of flexibility, as well as the ability to scale as each suite’s occupants grow. The suites include elevated furniture alongside high-end steel, wood and stone finishes and a flexible floor plan that boasts a mix of open, rearrangeable desks, dedicated offices, meeting spaces and an in-suite kitchen and break area. 

“At CGB, you’re able to start your morning with on-site coffee, do your best work with the array of office products across the building, then close out the day with a cocktail and a culinary experience–all from the same space. Whether you work or live in the neighborhood or just love to visit Deep Ellum, The Continental Gin Building truly has something for everyone,” said Nick Clark, CEO and Founder of Common Desk. 

The Continental Gin Building is now open to the public for visits to Fiction Coffee shop, which offers inside and outside dining, and tenant and broker tours of the building. Common Desk is available for coworking, meeting space rentals and drop-in day passes for shared space and private offices. 

About Common Desk 

Common Desk has been crafting an original workday experience for its members and users since 2012 and currently serves thousands of professionals across its network of flexible office locations. Its coworking spaces consist of a thriving community of freelancers, small businesses, fast-growing tech companies, and enterprise businesses. Common Desk’s workday brand portfolio also includes Fiction Coffee, offering its members and guests additional customized amenities that enhance the workday. For more information about what Common Desk is bringing to the Continental Gin Building, please visit  

About August Real Estate Co. 

August Real Estate Co. is a Dallas-based family office, building creative, multi-use urban spaces with intent. Founded by Dallas natives, Evan and Jordan August, the company approaches urban development with an emphasis on community investment and building long-term assets that will endure for future generations. The team delivers modern, flexible retail and office space for an array of commercial needs, from collaboration to co-working, combining classic design with the latest sought-after technology and features, alongside expertly designed landscaping and inspiring art installations that beautify and enhance the neighborhood. For more information, please visit

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