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Finding Common Ground In The Post-pandemic Workplace

Although companies are over a year into unprecedented workplace transformation, companies are still unsure of what role the office should play within their organization.

While it’s becoming evident that many corporate leaders are ready to return to the pre-pandemic ways of working, employees now get a bigger say in what it means to go to work.

The employee experience has never been more important than in today’s society. However, the idea of what employees need from their workplace isn’t black and white.

Although it may seem like the clear path forward is to simply continue mandating remote working arrangements or bring everyone back to the office, it’s important to know that these policies are not a one-size-fits-all approach.

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    However, going back to the way things were also feels implausible. So what is it that workers are missing from office life? And what exactly are they enjoying about working from home?

    One of the biggest takeaways from the past year has been the emphasis on employee wellbeing to support workers throughout these extraordinary times, as well as attract the best talent. This has led workers to let go of the idea that their place of employment must keep them tethered to a specific location. 

    This has led many companies to make deals with flexible workspace operators, such as IWG’s partnership with Standard Chartered Bank that provides the bank’s 95,000 staff the ability to work from any of IWG’s 3,500 locations worldwide.

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