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Will Britain’s Employers Require The Vaccine

Will Britain’s Employers Require The Vaccine?

New research from BrightHR finds that half of Britain’s workers are expecting their employers to require a vaccine passport before they return to the office.

However, the study of 5,000 British workers revealed that only 17% have had a conversation about vaccine policies with their employers. Because of this, one-fifth of respondents stated they fear for their health if employers do not make the vaccine mandatory for employees.

On the other hand, two-thirds of employees say it is too controlling for an employer to require the vaccine.

“Although half of people expect their employer to demand a vaccine passport, it remains to be seen how reasonable those demands are and, therefore, whether the employer is acting lawfully in doing so,” said Alan Price, CEO of BrightHR. “Employers must tread carefully when requiring employees to have the vaccine and ensure that their circumstances are appropriate.”

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Those in the hospitality industry topped the list of workers that believed vaccines should be mandatory at 44%, compared to 24% of office workers and 21% of key workers.

Additionally, the 13% who stated they do not plan on taking a vaccine that is offered to them claimed that side effects are their biggest concern. Two-third also said they worry about having to take time off if they are impacted by vaccine side effects.

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