What Is A ‘Managed Office’?

What Is A ‘Managed Office’?
The Instant Group explains how a managed office -- a client-branded, leased workspace – can provide an individually tailored workspace solution with the right level of agility.
  • Flexible workspace can help manage risk for companies of all sizes, from small teams to large organizations. 
  • CEOs are less certain of the future than ever before, and flexibility can help manage uncertainty and reduce risk in a post-pandemic workplace. 
  • The Instant Group explains how a managed office — a client-branded, leased workspace – can provide an individually tailored workspace solution with the right level of agility. 

This article was contributed by Charlotte Prince from The Instant Group. 

Traditionally, flexible workspace has been seen as a solution for small teams or start-ups. But as businesses look to remain agile during uncertain times, flexible workspace can help manage risk for companies of all sizes. 

Total cost of occupancy of conventional space versus a flexible alternative, points to possibilities for both operators and end users. CEOs are less certain of the future than ever before (according to PWC’s 2020 CEO survey) and their business planning horizons have narrowed even further. While holding a long-term office lease (i.e. 10 or 20+ years) holds significant benefits through amortized cost reduction, how many businesses can confidently predict their status for the next decade? 

Especially in a post-pandemic workplace, flexibility can help manage uncertainty, or at least reduce risk, and this is likely to be a key factor in its long-term growth. 

Flexibility is now the #1 requirement for occupiers of workspace, but the agility it instils comes in many forms.  

One of those forms is Instant’s Managed solution, a client-branded, leased workspace in the location of a client’s choice, found, delivered and managed by a single supplier with a simple agreement and fixed costs. 

Managed offices are the ideal solution for businesses who require designed and branded workspace without the pressure on resources or high costs associated with traditional office space. Everything is taken care of, from sourcing the property to its design, fit-out and, ultimately, operations allowing you to focus on your core business.  

With all costs included in one simple fee, businesses can enjoy an individually tailored workspace solution, enabling increased speed to market and low capital outlay.  

Instant delivered Managed Office for a global technology firm.

Benefits of a Managed Office: 

  • Increased speed to market 
  • Zero or low capital outlay  
  • Reduced lease liability 
  • Agility around term 
  • A customize space with your brand at its core 
  • Cost certainty with all services included in one single fee  
  • Reduced resource pressures 

Through our Managed Solution, Instant will:  

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    • Understand your business objectives and advise on the solution to fit your needs 
    • Provide comprehensive market research  
    • Arrange viewings and shortlist preferred buildings 
    • Acquire your preferred building and negotiate the lease  
    • Design, build and fit-out the space to match your brand and requirements  
    • Procure furniture, fittings, IT services and more  
    • Manage day-to-day office needs  
    • Handle your exit and any dilapidations  

    The Instant Group has been delivering managed office solutions for clients across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific for over 10 years, with more than 3m sq ft of workspace provided to clients such as AMEX, Barclays, Amazon and IBM. Having delivered for space requirements of anything from 5,000 to 230,000 sq ft we believed that a managed office provides businesses a scalable solution that matches their planning horizons, reduces risk and drives average savings of 15-20% when compared to self-delivery. 

    The need to retain agility, manage risk and maintain operational flexibility will be a key focus for businesses during the post-pandemic recovery period. The agile benefits that the managed office solution drives take on added significance in this market, driving real value in a way that conventional real estate procurement and management fails to do. 

    For any questions, please reach out to Charlotte Prince at [email protected] 

    The Instant Group has been rethinking workspace since 1999 with over 250 experts across more than 150 countries. Instant enables agility and operational resilience for businesses of all sizes from inception through to delivery and management. The global team advises on commercial real estate solutions from coworking and serviced offices to fully customised managed offices, modular office builds and portfolio strategy. 

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