Google Campus in London to host RJmetis Spacedadi and CentreCharge 2013 Launch


The Google Campus in London is the venue for the February 7th launch of RJmetis’ Spacedadi software and the latest version of its CentreCharge billing system. Google Campus is a high profile, thriving workspace hub for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It was selected by RJmetis as an ideal venue as it spotlights the evolution of coworking spaces from a narrow niche market to a critical centerpiece of the business center concept.

Justin Harley, RJmetis Managing Director, underscored the importance of the venue. “The Google Campus provides the perfect environment to introduce Spacedadi whilst at the same time talking to users about the new features of CentreCharge 2013. The recent wave of coworking spaces and new models for shared space is changing the face of the traditional business centre. We are equipping centre operators with the tools to maximise these opportunities,” he said.

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OfficingToday has previously written about RJmetis, an Alliance Ally, and their innovative Spacedadi system, a groundbreaking new software tool that enables any provider of shared workspace to increase revenues by promoting their workspaces online. Alternatively the company’s CentreCharge is a best-in-class billing software, with several new features being unveiled at the event.

We are looking forward to tracking the progression of the Spacedadi solution as we move into the new year.

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