The Bleisure Revolution: An Infographic Reflects a New Generation of Work

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Three in four of today’s college grads believe the 9-to-5 working culture is coming to an end.

Seventy-six percent expect the flexibility to carve out their own work days.


The traditional ways of scheduling our work days continue to get shattered as global tech giants, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google, lead the charge to shift both the perception of what work is, and break apart the old 9-to-5 model of a ‘work day’.

The infographic below, provided for OT by Edel Mahony at Allsystems, illustrates a new concept called ‘Bleisure’ which we’re hearing more and more these days.

The ‘Bleisure’ Revolution – How Tech Giants are shaping the workplace of tomorrow” demands our attention.

The question for business center owners and operators is how the ‘bleisure’ phenomenon will change the way you build out and market spaces.

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    Or are you banking on a continued need for balance, order and tradition; at least for a percentage of our growing millennial population?

    Bleisure - infographic by Edel Mahony at Allsystems


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