How to: Better Office Lunches

Why do we eat lunch at our work desks? Why do we take our laptops to the table?

While I wish I had the answer, I don’t. I also can’t deny that I do this myself. More often than not, I find myself eating breakfast with my laptop already on. I know it can’t be good; yet, I still do it.

I also know I’m not the only one. Eating while we work, even during our lunch breaks, is quite a common thing. So much I believe, that sometimes it’s what others expect; it’s become the norm. However, for various health reasons (physical, mental, and emotional) this is a habit that we should strive to put a stop to.

From increased exposure to germs, to indigestion, to stress, and lack of productivity, the reasons why we should all leave our desks and the office to eat lunch abound. Among the many benefits of taking a proper lunch break, you’ll find that  you will eat more consciously, you’ll feel more energized, you’ll be more productive once you get back, and you can take advantage of the break to network or get to know your coworkers.

Below, you’ll find an infographic on how to have better office lunches. From healthy habits, to tasty recipes, and basic rules and etiquette on bringing food to the work environment, this infographic by Stephen Pritchard is insightful and interesting.


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